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Dr. Jody Levine

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Offering her patients a top-notch level of care is paramount for double board-certified, Yale-trained Dr. Jody A. Levine. She is able to care for her patients of all ages, both pediatric and adult, with a full range of cosmetic and medical treatments. Injectables and laser surgery are her specialties, and she is proud to offer the latest and most effective devices for every cosmetic and dermatologic need. Dr. Levine is also praised for her wonderful skin-care products, which together with her expertise and skill with Botox Cosmetic and fillers, provide her clientele with the rejuvenating, natural results for which she is known. In practice with her husband, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine, she is able to offer fully comprehensive cosmetic care.

About My Practice

What's most important to you when treating patients?

Safety is my number one priority.

Describe your approach.

I practice both pediatric and adult dermatology, both medical and cosmetic, which allows me to take care of the whole family and address the skin concerns of every age group.

How do you manage patient expectations?

When it comes to treating my patients, I like to start by explaining the details in an understandable way. I go through each option that is able to address their concerns, ranging from the more conservative to the more aggressive, and explain the expectations for each with an objective analysis. I truly believe that an informed patient is a happy patient.

About Me

What do you like most about your job?

The world of dermatology is incredibly vast. There is so much science behind it, and we as doctors continuously research to improve our understanding of the skin and stay on the forefront of technology and medicine. I love being able to make people look better, live healthier and feel happier.

What qualities make a good dermatologist?

Good dermatologists are detailed and comprehensive, as well as warm and caring toward their patients. I treat my patients like family, and personally I think that is what makes the best doctor.

What is your favorite laser procedure?

The BBL photofacial, which is used to eliminate both red and brown pigmentation and signs of sun damage from the face and body, is certainly the laser procedure I find to be most satisfying. Results are immediate, with no downtime, and the treated skin has a younger, more beautiful glow.


Yale University School of Medicine
Resident, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Dermatology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Pediatric Dermatology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center


Board Certification:

American Board of Pediatrics

American Board of Dermatology


American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

A Minute With

  1. What sets your practice apart?

    Our warm and caring
    environment, fullspectrum
    of services
    (including dermatology
    and plastic surgery),
    as well as our scientific
    approach to aesthetics

  2. My ultimate skin-care advice

    Choose skin-care products
    that are scientifically studied
    and will give you both shortand
    long-term benefits. Avoid
    continuously changing the
    products you use

  3. Career-defining procedures

    A laser that has been a “fan-favorite” at our practice is the BBL photofacial, now closely rivaled by our new, PicoSure® laser. Upper and lower face filler is another highly received procedure

  4. My most unique personality traits

    I am detailed-oriented
    and precise in my work.
    I am always willing to spend
    the time needed for best
    possible results

  5. How do you make the best first impression?

    I greet each patient with a smile.
    I love seeing my patients. I listen
    to exactly what they are seeking
    and explain, in detail, all available
    options and why I would choose
    one over the other. To me, honest
    conversation is the most important
    element to a successful physician-patient relationship

  6. What is the biggest misconception about your field?

    The perception exists that
    neurotoxins such as Botox
    Cosmetic or fillers like Juvéderm
    may lead to a puffy look. When
    done correctly by an experienced
    professional, these injectables
    enhance one’s natural beauty

  7. What are your most requested procedures?

    Filler. A subtle, yet remarkable
    rejuvenation, which includes a
    mix of filler, neurotoxin and the
    right combination of lasers, is my
    aesthetic specialty. Treating leg
    veins is another prevalent request,
    albeit a seasonal one. No matter
    what is trending, my full-body skin
    cancer checks, which I diligently
    perform, are the most vital in
    keeping my patients healthy

  8. What are you best known for?

    beautiful results with
    neurotoxins, fillers,
    lasers and skin care
    products, and also for
    treating different types
    of patients of all ages.

  9. How do you manage patient expectations?

    I listen carefully and
    review all the options
    for best improvement,
    as well as provide my


  • Neurotoxins: Botox® Cosmetic Xeomin® / Dysport® Jeuveau™
  • Fillers: Juvéderm® Ultra Plus / Juvéderm® Voluma / Juvéderm® Volbella / Juvéderm® Vollure / BELOTERO BALANCE® / Restylane® / Radiesse® / Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Laser Rejuvenation
  • Pigment Reduction / Removal
  • Emsculpt®
  • miraDry®
  • Acne / Acne Scars
  • Sclerotherapy (Vein Treatment)
  • Skin Cancer Detection
  • Skin Surgery
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Skin Care Regimen
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Adult Dermatology
  • PicoSure®
  • Skin Tightening
  • Morpheus8®
  • BBLTM Photofacial
  • Laser Fat Reduction
  • Hair Restoration
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation


  1. i am turning 40 and looking for a laser that will give my face a younger apperance
    What our experts say:

    There are a lot of elements that lead to the aged appearance of the skin. There are four major factors that play a part: pigment, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, and volume loss.  Pigmentation from sun damage is one of the worst culprits to making you look older. When our skin is exposed to light, the light is absorbed by the pigment and does not bounce back, giving an aged appearance. A photofacial with a BBL (Broad Band Light) or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device helps to break up the pigment. Fine lines and wrinkles can be addressed with a resurfacing laser such as the ProFractional, Fraxel, or MicroLaser peel. A combination of the ProFractional laser and MicroLaser peel (such as the Manhattan Peel-performed in the offices of Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, PLLC) is the gold standard in anti-aging laser treatments. The  Skin laxity requires a laser that will help to firm the skin. There are both non-invasive and minimally invasive devices that can be used to treat laxity. Devices such as the SkinTyte laser, LazerLift, and Smartlipo can help to tighten loose skin. For volume correction, fillers or fat grafting would be required.

  2. Is it common to have loss of pigment after TCA Peel?
    What our experts say:

    Certain peels, if strong or very deep, can leave hypopigmentation, or loss of pigmentation on the skin. Some pigment may come back over time, but there is no guarantee. The Excimer laser, which uses one ray of radiation without the remaining, potentially damaging rays, can help to bring some pigment back. However, loss of pigmentation may be permanent.  In my practice, I recommend the MicroLaser Peel to combat pigmentation because it can be an aggressive treatment, but the physician controls the depth of penetration by the laser.

  3. What is the best treatment for facial mole removal?
    What our experts say:

    It is important to have the mole assessed by a dermatologist for safety. If the mole is changing or has been determined that it is pre-cancerous, it should be excised. If there is any question about irregularity, you should consult with a board certified dermatologist. If it is determined that the mole is completely benign, and the removal is strictly for cosmetic purposes, laser treatments can remove the pigment over time. Treatments with a Q-Switched laser, such as the AlexTriVantage, will break down the pigment over time.


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