Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Tricks on How to Hide Cellulite

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While there’s an exciting surge in accepting your cellulite and loving the skin you’re in, which we fully support, sometimes you just want a smoother appearance for a night out. Cellulite is stubborn and hard to get rid of, but luckily makeup experts shared some of their best tips on how to camouflage unwanted ripples using makeup, skin care and some solid tricks of the trade. Wherever your cellulite is giving you grief, give these tips a try for smoother-looking skin in minutes.

How to hide cellulite on legs and beyond

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Exfoliate skin

Before you dive into applying makeup to your body, you first have to prep your skin, just like your face. “When it comes to any type of texture on the body, I first want to make sure the body is exfoliated and well hydrated,” says celebrity makeup artist Colby Smith.

“Cell turnover is a must,” notes celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman. He recommends adding a loofah or gloves to the mix when applying body wash using “circular strokes to reveal the smoothest skin underneath.”

Celebrity makeup artist Jenna Nicole suggests using a dry brush to exfoliate. She says she always keeps one in her kit to exfoliate the front of her clients’ legs to prep them for makeup to help hide cellulite on legs. By using a dry brush in small circular motions, you’re “buffing away dead skin cells and revealing a smoother layer,” says Nicole. “It also helps stimulate circulation, allowing for a smoother application of product.” Nicole notes that she likes Dr. Barbra Strum’s The Body Brush ($35).

Make sure to moisturize after your dry-brush session. Freedman says moisturizing is crucial before trying to hide cellulite. “You want the skin moist and plump.” He says your favorite body moisturizer will do the trick.

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Mix body oil with body makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Kindra Mann says, “the best way to smooth the appearance of cellulite with makeup is to mix a little bit of a body oil or a concentrate in with body makeup to give it a sheer appearance.” Mann says she likes to use The Organic Pharmacy’s Detox Body Oil ($68) since it’s formulated to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Use shine wisely

Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff, a go-to for Margot Robbie, advises against adding shine directly to an area that has texture. However, she recommends “adding shine to the fronts of thighs and calves also acts as a ‘distraction.’” So if you’re trying to hide cellulite at the top of your legs maybe add some sheen to the shins.

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Use a blurring product

A blurring product will help soften the appearance of cellulite. “Start with a touch of primer that mattifies and softens the focus. This is a double whammy as it will diffuse and give extra staying power,” says Freedman. He says Cover FX Blurring Primer ($30) never lets him down here.

Smith suggests Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish Latte ($39). He says the product provides an HD coverage while adding a bit of self-tan, which doesn’t end up streaky or patchy. It doesn’t only hide cellulite but also spider veins and other impurities, says Smith.

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Find the right shade

Finding the right shade in body makeup can be challenging since there are fewer options than face makeup. However, this step is the key to success. Celebrity makeup artist Ehlie Luna suggests Tinge, a body beauty brand with 12 shades. They sell the TINGE tint ($48), a hydrating body tint. Luna says the formula is the “most elegant” she’s experienced in leg makeup.

Celebrity makeup artist Judi Gabbay notes that makeup can’t fully cover texture whether it’s from cellulite or acne scars. “But sometimes cellulite comes with veins and discoloration as well, so to blur you can try using a body makeup such as Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector ($40).”

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Use a product with light-reflecting properties

Nicole recommends using a bronzing cream with light-reflecting properties to help make the skin texture appear smoother. “This is great for when pictures are taken as it reflects the flash and blurs imperfections.” Nicole notes that she likes to use the Dolce Glow Bronzing Shimmer Topper in MIA ($46) to achieve this look.

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Try using makeup that is slightly more tan than your skin

While experts don’t generally advise you to jump up a color in makeup, Smith says it’s useful when trying to camouflage cellulite. “Using a body makeup that is slightly more tan than your skin color will help with the appearance of cellulite,” he explains.

Dubroff agrees, “Adding a touch of warmth to the skin helps deflect the appearance of cellulite.” The key is using lightweight, transfer-resistant body makeup. “I only trust Alleven Colour Shield ($48) and Alleven Colour Shield Glow ($52) to ensure a great color and no telltale marks on clothing.”

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Don’t forget to address the surrounding skin

Although it may seem like extra work, Freedman says using makeup on the skin beyond the cellulite area will help give a more seamless look. “I apply a light amount of foundation to the entire area—dimpled and smooth alike to ‘set the stage’ for the more coverage part. Because it looks more seamless if the whole area has a tone, so when you add a touch extra to the textured area, it’s undetectable,” explains Freedman. “A lot of people just up makeup on the area they want to correct, then it’s just an island of coverage. It’s very difficult to match foundation next to raw skin and have it not be noticeable.”

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Apply two layers of foundation

First, Freedman uses a sponge or foundation brush to dab on Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation ($31)—the product used to completely cover Paris Jackson’s tattoos. He allows that to dry, then goes over it again. “I like to do two layers so they dry a touch and skin absorbs and ‘accepts’ the foundation,” he explains. “This 100 percent helps with the longer wear. A must for the red carpet.”

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