Everything to Know About Skinvive: The New Skin Booster Injection

Everything to Know About Skinvive: The New Skin Booster Injection featured image
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Getting radiant, glowy, smooth skin just got easier than ever with a groundbreaking injectable innovation that has arrived on the scene, and it goes by the name Skinvive. It’s more than just a dermal filler; it’s the first and only intradermal microdroplet injection, or dermal skin booster, approved in the United States. Here, we delve into the details of what skin boosters are, what Skinvive does, how it benefits the skin, who is an ideal candidate for this treatment, and a glimpse into the history of this skin-perfecting injection.

What is Skinvive?

San Diego dermatologist Melanie Palm, MD says Skinvive sets itself apart from traditional facial hyaluronic fillers, which primarily aim to provide subtle facial volume. Instead, Skinvive is an intradermal microdroplet injectable gel designed to actively enhance skin smoothness and hydration. Dr. Palm describes it as injecting a gel under the skin, which boosts aquaporin expression, enhancing skin hydration for a radiant, lasting glow.

New York dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, MD says, “Skinvive really is the first new novel class of fillers in many years. It allows us to skillfully inject hyaluronic acid, specifically using the intra-dermal microdroplet technique, making it the sole FDA-approved option for this in the U.S.”

What is a Skin Booster?

Dermal skin boosters are not a novel concept. These injectable treatments have been a well-established part of European skin-care routines, clinics and dermatological practices for many years. You may have heard of skin boosters overseas like Juvéderm Volite, Profilho, Redensity or Revanesse Vital. Their popularity has grown steadily due to their ability to hydrate skin from within, promoting a more radiant complexion. While they may be new to the United States, the European experience with skin boosters demonstrates their effectiveness and safety.

“Skin boosters are very thin, not concentrated,” adds West Palm Beach, FL Kenneth Beer, MD. “A lot of times they’ll have vitamins in addition to the injections. They’re only meant to stimulate collagen, they’re not filling ,they’re not lifting, sculpting. They’re just boosting.”

What Does Skinvive Do?

Skinvive offers multiple benefits for the skin, with two key FDA-approved indications. First, it boasts approval for enhancing skin smoothness, an uncommon indication. Dr. Alexiades points out that, traditionally, laser skin resurfacing was the go-to for addressing fine lines and wrinkles. However, Skinvive now provides an injectable alternative specifically designed to enhance skin smoothness, marking a unique indication in the field.

“I’ve been working with Allergan for the past 15 years trying to attain an FDA indication of improvement in skin quality,” she adds. “And I’m proud to announce that this indication was approved with Skinvive as an improvement in skin quality for the first time in history by the FDA.”

Skin quality, often an abstract concern for many, is a significant focus of Skinvive. Dr. Alexiades explains that poor skin quality encompasses dullness, dryness, poor texture, fine lines, and lack of smoothness. It addresses these issues by intradermally placing hyaluronic acid, acting as an injectable moisturizer, and improving skin hydration and reflectance properties. This results in a rejuvenated, glowing complexion.

Who is a Good Candidate for Skinvive?

The ideal candidates for Skinvive are those experiencing poor skin quality, including dullness, poor texture and lack of smoothness. It fills a treatment void for individuals seeking to improve skin quality without resorting to laser-based therapies or invasive procedures. It provides an alternative for those who may not be experts in device-based treatments.

How Much Does Skinvive Cost?

Precise pricing details are currently unavailable due to its recent introduction in the United States and will vary by provider based on factors such as geographical location. Dr. Macrene suggests anticipating an annual cost ranging from $500 to $2,000.

How Long Does Skinvive Results Last?

Dr. Palm says to expect a single treatment to last for six months. “After treatment, one can expect some redness, swelling, or tenderness at the injection site, but these side effects are typically mild and should have little to no impact on resuming daily activities.”

In the clinical study that led to FDA approval, most patients received one to two syringe injections per side or per cheek of the treated face. Based on global clinical experience, experts recommend using two syringes per session.

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