Kirsten Dunst's Smile Makeover: From Crooked To Confident

Vocal in the past about being a fan of her crooked teeth, Kirsten Dunst has made a dramatic dental change-now her once-crooked smile is sexy and sophisticated-taking her from the "girl next door" to a more elegant-looking actress.

Why did she make the change? “She is a beautiful woman with a smile that is unique even with the overlapping of a couple of teeth,” says Beverly Hills, CA, cosmetic dentist Laurence Rifkin, DDS. “The only potential problem I see is that overlapping teeth cause shadows under certain lighting conditions, making some teeth appear much darker than others; this could be corrected by orthodontics or even removable braces for the ‘on-camera' patient.”

One of the most common reasons for getting a smile makeover is crooked teeth, and for good reason. According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. “One of the first things people notice when they look at you is your smile- its shape, and whether it's straight or crooked,” says New York cosmetic dentist Timothy Chase, DMD. “On average, it takes people a fraction of a second to determine if they like what they see.”

If you suffer from any of the following, an orthodontic straightening like braces or Invisalign may be right for you like it was for Dunst.

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  • Robson
    Posted on

    I'm one that preferred her smile before. It was very unique and beautiful. It is still beautiful, but it had a charm before. I wonder if the people that kept (wrongly) criticizing her teeth before made an impact on her. If that's the case, shame on them.

  • Damion
    Posted on

    I used to have a good smile. I had my face and jaw broken in an accident 2 years ago and I lost 7 teeth because of it. Unfortunately, I have been on teh sick and I am currently in receipt of disability at the moment ( I also broke my legs and back and pelvis, plus both arms and I am currently fighting to get out of my wheelchair and I still have operations in the pipeline ) and so getting my teeth sorted out, is actually the least of my worries. However, when I do get my life back, my teeth will be fully redone and I will hopefully get my smile back again.

  • Mikey USA
    Posted on

    Im so confused...she had seemingly straight teeth in Bring it On (2000) but then later in the Spiderman series...I could barely look at her while smiling. I don't mean to be mean..just how it is.

  • Kaitain
    Posted on

    They were more interesting before. People frequently overrate aesthetic purity over being distinctive. Think of Jennifer Grey and how bland she looked after her nose job.

  • tinktastic
    Posted on

    a lot of people were always making rude comments about her teeth and how ugly they were. I was offended for her and wished that people would keep their rude comments to themselves. I think she is pretty no matter what but I actually liked her smile better before :) unique

  • Meg
    Posted on

    Are you sure she had them fixed? I mean, I'm I the only one not seeing a difference here? If she posed her lips and head in the same position as the first picture, her teeth would still look EXACTLY the same. I have a tooth misalignment very similar to Kirsten's and the appearance of them is extremely angle and lighting sensitive. If I turn my head to just the right angle in a picture and the light hits my two front teeth, I can make them look pretty straight. Catch them at a bad angle (particularly from the sides and if my head is angled downward) and they look like a broken fence XD. I think that's all that's going on here...

  • Dr. Teeth
    Posted on

    Crooked teeth, crooked soul. That's what grandma used to say.

  • MJ
    Posted on

    NO.. from unique to ordinary. I can't believe she fixed her teeth! they were so cute and interesting. Why do people want to homogenize themselves?

  • Heather!
    Posted on

    I am actually a fan of crooked teeth, at least in some cases. Kirsten Dunst had one of the cutest smiles in Hollywood. She's still gorgeous, and I'm still a fan, but I will miss her trademark smile!

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    It is interesting when people decide later in life to correct either a facial or smile deformity such as a deviated nose or crooked teeth. Usually there is some motivating factor in the decision and although Kirsten Dunst's smile seemed to be a trademark, as we age the crowding of the teeth can also become a health problem especially if there is bone loss involved. Whatever the reason she was becautiful before and perhaps even moreso now.