Hooded Eyes Eyeliner: TresLuce Beauty Line It Up Review

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I would be lying if I said I was always able to swoop on eyeliner and get that winged look with ease. It was always a case of trial and error. However, since I’ve gotten older and my brows have started to drop, getting a winged liner look that opens up my eyes feels harder than ever. Because I have the drooping and hooded lids, strategically placing my liner so it’s going up towards my temple (thank you Katie Jane Hughes for the life-changing hooded eyes eyeliner tip) requires overcompensating and drawing a wing that lifts my eyes to enhance my shape instead of following my lash line down. Things can get pretty messy—until now.

hooded eyes eyeliner

One issue that comes up from having hooded eyes is the the frequent smudging and transfer of eyeliner onto the upper lid. Due to my hooded lid’s tendency to rub against the lash line, eyeliner often transfers onto the creased skin above, leading to unintended smudges and a less polished look. This can be particularly frustrating, especially when I want my eyeliner to stay crisp and defined all day.

Additionally, achieving balance between both eyes can be tricky. The crease might not be symmetrical on both eyes, making it challenging to match the liner’s thickness or angle accurately. Achieving symmetry becomes an art form in itself, often requiring patience I don’t have and practice I haven’t done.

Enhancing Your Eye Shape: 

Adding to the “Where have you been all my life?” category of beauty, I found this Tresluce Beauty Line It Up Edge Corrector ($12) to be the one tool that helps me line my hooded eyes easily and in no time. Rather than going back and forth with Q-tips, micellar water and liner remover that can smear away the rest of my face makeup (and sometimes my eyeshadow), this magic eraser gives me the chance to fix my mistakes and re-route rogue lines or thin out liner that is too thick for my eye shape.

As far as ingredients go, Line It Up includes emollient isodedcane and hydrating jojoba seed oil. While it cleans up uneven lines, it won’t irritate or dry out the eye area. It pairs well with all liquid eyeliner and especially with the Tresluce Eterno Liquid Liner which has a nice petite tip and is highly pigmented.

How to Perfect the Hooded Eyes Eyeliner:

A few techniques have made a significant difference. Tightlining, or applying my eyeliner along the upper waterline, can help define my lash line without worrying about smudging on the upper lid. Also, opting for a thinner line or a smudged, smoky effect can work better for my hooded eyes, creating a sultry look that complements my eye shape.

When I want a winged liner look, I rely on the Line It Up corrector to swipe away any mistakes or to create sharper lines. You can also use it to clean up fall out or to carve out a clean cut-crease shadow. Make sure to wipe off the tip after each use so you don’t drag older product onto your face with each use.

Additional Makeup Techniques for Hooded Eyes:

If you can always line one eye perfectly but not the other, are overlying your hooded eyes or find it difficult to nail a wing or cat’s-eye, this little affordable tool is totally worth keeping on your vanity and in your purse and travel bag.

Having hooded eyes may pose some challenges when it comes to applying eyeliner, but with the right techniques and a bit of patience, it’s entirely possible to achieve stunning eye makeup looks that enhance their natural beauty. Embracing these challenges can lead to creative solutions and unique styles that make hooded eyes stand out in all their captivating charm.

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