5 Foods You Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t!)

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5 Foods You Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t!) featured image
Frozne Yogurt

You’ve changed your lifestyle and have been working hard to lose weight. But, if you are having trouble dropping the pounds, it’s possible that the foods you are eating aren’t as healthy as you think. True Food Kitchen chef, Arik Markus, lets us in on the secrets behind what’s unhealthy in your diet.


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Prepared Smoothies

Smoothies are quick and healthy meals on the go, right? Not necessarily. “While smoothies are convenient, they’re usually made with prepared fruit, which can be loaded with sugar and fruit juices. Mixing it in a blender also breaks the fiber down so much that your body is able to digest it faster than usual, which can cause a sharp spike in blood sugar.” Instead, Markus suggests cutting up pieces of fruit and adding them to yogurt to get all the slow digestive benefits that will help you feel fuller faster.

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Multigrain Bread

You’ve made the change from white bread to multigrain or wheat, but it might not be as wholesome as expected. Markus says, “Anytime grains are milled to flour, they are made easier for your body to access. Eating too much bread causes a rise in blood sugar and your body can quickly convert those sugars into fat. Instead, look for bread that contains whole grains, as they digest slower and convert to stored energy rather than fat.”

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Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt seems to be the healthy alternative to ice cream. While this is true in terms of fat, it is loaded with sugar, and that’s before you add on any toppings. “Enjoy it in moderation, but it’s not much better for you than ice cream,” says Markus.

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Veggie Chips

Most people hear veggie and assume these are much better for you than regular chips. “Sadly, most of these options are fried like potato chips,” says Markus. “Stick with carrot and celery sticks that are raw or lightly steamed. Simple preparations are usually much better for you than highly processed options.”

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Sports Drinks

For athletes who rigorously work out for long periods of time, sports drinks can play a vital role by helping with hydration and replenishing electrolytes. If you fall under the moderate-to-no-exercise category then you are drinking unnecessary calories. A healthier swap: “Fill a bottle with water, fresh lemon juice and a pinch of Himalayan salt. You will get all the minerals and electrolytes from the salt without a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce,” says Markus.

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