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5 New Ways to Wear White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is one of the most versatile makeup products you can own. In this video, we prove it. Watch as Susan shows how she uses white eyeliner to brighten her eyes, cover...

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Even Out Skin Tone with Makeup

Makeup can be your best friend—it hides everything from wrinkles and fine lines to blemishes and discoloration. But having to don a face full of makeup just to leave the h...

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5 Tips to Stop Acne Breakouts This Fall

If you're breaking out a lot more than usual lately, there may be a reason why. Celebrity Aesthetician Renee Rouleau says fall is breakout season. That's why we sat down with th...

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Job Interview? Get The Look To Get The Gig

Perhaps looks shouldn't matter when it comes to landing a job, but even scientific research says they do. In telling experiments at Rice University and the University of Hudson,...

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The Top 4 Anti-Acne Tips

You would be surprised by how many internal factors can contribute to acne breakouts. Everything from food to hormones can contribute to blemishes. In addition to working with y...

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A Spicy Skin-Care Tip

Not just limited to flavoring food, spices and herbs can boost the effects of your diet and overall health-and some even have special skin-care benefits. Did you know that turme...

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Nix Acne The Natural Way

At the first site of a blemish, I go into attack mode, which isn't really the best idea. It often leads to frustration and skin irritation. I want to get rid of the problem, but...

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A Preemptive Strike Against Pimples

Although it seems like they spring up overnight, pimples can take weeks to form. So that breakout embarrassing you today has probably been stalking your skin since December. Sur...

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