Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Regret

Sofia Vergara is not one to be afraid of speaking out about her anti-aging routine and everything she does for the sake of beauty. Our former cover star revealed to NewBeauty that she “has a closet full of products and she uses them all.”

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But there is one product the Modern Family star wishes she had used more of. In an interview with People StyleWatch, Vergara reveals that she didn’t start using sunblock on her face until her 20s and says, “I wish I had put it on my chest too.” Although the actress admits that she does it now, she says, “I think it’s too late.”

Applying sunscreen to your neck, chest and other exposed areas is just as important as protecting your face. Most cases of spots, leathery texture, crinkly skin and discoloration that appear on the chest are the result of repeated sun exposure. Once these skin conditions pop up, applying creams alone isn’t enough. Chemical peels and laser treatments would be your best bet to help refine skin texture.

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According to Vergara’s dermatologist, the star underwent IPL treatments on her chest to target hyperpigmentation prior to her wedding.