Watch This Beauty Vlogger Do an Insane Body Contour

The contouring trend has definitely hit its peak. We’ve seen it be used to sculpt better cheekbones, elongate the legs and even fake the look of fuller breasts. And, with each new use of the trend, we think we’ve seen it all. That was until one woman took her contouring trends head to toe, literally.

Poking fun of the contouring craze, Australian beauty vlogger Chloe Morello recently uploaded this full-body contouring video on YouTube, in which she says it’s a necessity to contour your entire body every day. Her video is quite amusing, but full disclosure, take it with a grain of salt.

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Whereas most contouring techniques are meant to be done on your own, Morello enlists the help of not one but two makeup artists to get her body fabulously faux. Oh, and you’ll also need, according to Morello, about $5,000 worth of makeup (brushes, contouring and highlighting products) per application. Again, totally unrealistic. 

As Morello’s team gets to work—they first prime her body before drawing lines and circles in dark and light makeup all over her body before blending it in. Two hours later, Morello’s body was more contoured. Her abs (which looked too drawn on), legs, butt, arms, breasts and back boasted noticeable definition.

NEW VIDEO ALERT 🎉 I've seen neck contouring, leg contouring and of course ab and boob contouring here on Insta... But I just think, why stop there? Why not contour your whole body from head to toe?!?! I mean who has time to work out anyways? Why not spend the 2 hours you'd normally spend working out simply painting your bod to look like this? This tutorial is perfect for everyday as it only takes 2-3 hours to complete and a mere 5 kg of makeup product. 🙃 #bodycontour #sohotrightnow #verypractical #everydaylook #naturalmakeup #sofit #cleaneating #nattybrah #DDcup #stereosonic #shreddedbrah #shredded #abs #femalefitnessmotivation #fullyserious #nosarcasm #seriouslynosarcasm #okyougotme (credit to @sharonthemakeupartist and @karimamckimmie for the makeover! Thanks girls)

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While Morello’s video was done all in good fun, we wonder what’s poised to be next in the crazy world of contouring.