BB, CC and Now DD Creams

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

It was only about 18 months ago that BB creams hit the market in America and took the beauty world by storm by promising to prime, conceal, protect, brighten and hydrate skin all in one. Then came CC creams, which are similar, but lighter and oil-free, and usually have an anti-aging benefit.

Well there is a new trend on the horizon…because why stop so early in the alphabet when you have 24 letters still available and money to be made? That's right, the first DD creams are officially in formulation.

"These are emerging as very heavy duty body and foot creams that are being marketed as daily defense products," says Vivienne Rudd, senior global beauty & personal care analyst for Mintel. 

While there is certainly a place for new products within the body-moisturizing category, one has to wonder if the new trend of alphabet-inspired products is simply a way for brands to piggyback off the success of the original BB creams. Cosmetic chemist Ginger King thinks so. "DD cream is a marketing game," she says. "DD is not a continuous evolution of BB or CC. BB is color with skin care benefit, CC is skin care with color benefit and DD is for the hands and feet only."

Perhaps once DD creams make their debut, most likely later this year or next, it will spawn evolutions of body creams. We will just have to wait and find out.