Here's What the FasciaBlaster You See All Over the Internet Actually Does

Update October 17, 2017:

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian revealed that she has been using a tool called the FasciaBlaster to diminish cellulite. “It gets rid of cellulite, you rub it on your body, it’s literally the most painful [thing]," explained Kardashian to her sister Kourtney Kardashian. "You rub this on your body really hard." 

After convincing Kourtney to give it a try, Khloé gave her sister a rubdown using the tool. "It does not hurt whatsoever,” said Kourtney as she was getting a massage using the FasciaBlaster. “You really have no dimples!” added Khloé.

Considering how popular the tool has become lately, it's no surprise that the Kardashian sisters decided to give it a try for themselves. Hopefully they'll keep their fans updated on any results that they see. In the meantime, catch a sneak peek of the Kardashians using the FasciaBlaster in the preview below (they use the tool at around 1:06):

Originally Published October 13, 2017:

Social media has a knack for making under-the-radar beauty brands suddenly trendy, but just because people pose with a product on Instagram doesn’t mean it’s actually legit. So, we decided to dig a little deeper into a brand that’s currently making its rounds on Instagram and Facebook as a miracle cellulite solution—the FasciaBlaster.

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In case you haven’t seen it, the device is essentially a skinny white rod with small claw-like prongs jutting out from it. The benefits of using the tool include a reduction of cellulite, improved blood flow and reduced muscle pain. Intrigued? Well, you’re not alone. While it may seem like this tool is promising some serious benefits for a device that appears so simple, the startling before-and-after images have people purchasing the FasciaBlaster in bulk. However, what exactly is fascia in the first place and how does this tool result in such drastic results?

According to Ashley Black, inventor of the FasciaBlaster, fascia is “web-like connective tissue system that holds us together and interacts with and supports every other system, structure and organ.” New York plastic surgeon, Stephen Greenberg, MD, describes it as "a thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue that encloses muscles and organs." In order to visualize it, many experts compare it to the inside threads of an orange peel, intertwining itself throughout the muscles and organs within your body.

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While this connective tissue is obviously a necessary part of the body, it can also result in pain, discomfort or even cellulite. “Fascia is protective by nature and when the body senses an imbalance, injury, or misalignment, it signals the fascia to protect by clamping down and adhering to fortify the area,” explains Black. “While this action fixes a temporary issue, the long-term effect is that you have fascial adhesions and restrictions in your body that eventually lead to pain and misalignments.” Translation? Healthy fascia is pliable and glides smoothly, while unhealthy fascia is sticky and tight which can obviously cause pain. Cellulite, on other hand, can also occur when the fascia adheres to the skin and pulls it down, therefore creating cellulite dimples.

So, how does the FasciaBlaster work to combat unhealthy, cellulite-causing fascia? Well, according to Black, the FasciaBlaster’s claws are designed to comb through the fascia and loosen its tightness and restriction, resulting in less pain, discomfort and cellulite. Users perform the treatment by applying oil to bare skin, then taking the tool and rubbing it briskly across the area of concern for about two to five minutes.

Considering how drastic the before-and-after images of the FasciaBlaster are, it’s no surprise that this trend quickly took off, even among celebrities. “Many celebrities, the Kardashians for example, promote these FasciaBlasting products that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite and relieve muscular pain by essentially breaking apart this contracted fascia,” says Dr. Greenberg. In fact, a recent promotional video for Keeping Up With the Kardashians shows Kourtney Kardashians giving the FasciaBlaster a try, proving just how popular this tool has truly become.

However, even with all the publicity and various images of happy customers floating across the Internet, doctors believe you should still be cautious when using the device. “Because these 'FasciaBlasters' have the potential to break capillaries and fat cells, there is a real potential for bruising and post-blasting discomfort,” says Dr. Greenberg. 

Additionally, New Jersey plastic surgeon John Paul Tutela, MD, notes that devices like the FasciaBlaster are only a temporary solution for cellulite and won’t remove those dimples for good. “There have been many attempts like this in the past to remove cellulite but they all have resulted in swelling which covers up the cellulite temporarily. They may have been succeeded in breaking up the fascial attachments but the bottom line is that none have been successful in getting rid of cellulite—they almost always recur.”

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a way to get rid of cellulite forever, your best option is still Cellulaze or Cellfina, both of which are FDA-approved to treat those dimples. However, the FasciaBlaster could be a good option for those looking to loosen up stiff fascia tissue that’s causing pain or discomfort, or even to reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily (hey, those before-and-afters do show some major improvement). Either way, it’s important to know the facts before trying any treatment available on the market. After all, it's always better to do the research before using any kind of bodywork device—you'll be happy you did.

  • Christine
    Posted on

    I have been using the Fasciablaster for 3 years now with amazing results... inches off my waist and smooth dimple-free skin. I work out regularly and my diet is good but the real game-changer for me has been the Fasciablaster! Love, love , love this product!!

  • liz smith
    Posted on

    There is a class action lawsuit against Ashley Black. One of the plaintiffs had a stroke when the fasciablaster released a blood clot. This tool is downright dangerous and it's incredible how many people this charlatan has fooled given that she has no medical background whatsoever.

  • Diane
    Posted on

    Would never recommend this product. Used for less than two months and my legs are a mess from it. Varicose and spider veins and staining. A year later and NO recovery. Sorry I ever had it come on my Facebook. The owner is delusional. Deletes all negative comments on her page. She just lost a big lawsuit where she was trying to shut a woman up who spoke out against the product.

  • Huber
    Posted on

    Do not use this device! I was so lucky to have been warned of the bad affects but I am in a group on facebook of over hundreds of woman who have suffered greatly from this. My heart literally aches for all those negatively affected. Ashly black deletes all negative comments on her Facebook advertisements so others can't see the horrible down side. She is a con artist and has fooled millions just for money. It is sickening and appealing. Please do not use this tool..way to risky if it causing irreparable damage.

  • Me
    Posted on

    This product is a scam! It causes lose, saggy, crepe skin, hormonal imbalances, spider veins, vertigo, and weight gain. It caused me to be estrogen dominant, with spotting and clotting, and it took months after stopping for this to resolve. The inventor has no scientific background or credentials. She makes outrageous claims and blocks anyone who speaks against her product. Women are getting hurt and are suffering adverse effects. This should be taken off the market. Do your research. You will see that class action lawsuits going on.

  • SAM
    Posted on

    The fasciablaster is junk! There’s a class action lawsuit in process because of the harm it caused to numerous women. If you still want to ruin your skin, you can buy a knock off at Tj max for $20

  • Mary
    Posted on

    I've been using the fascia blaster for a year now. I never had any pain prior or since. I've been very conservative and used only lightly, and now my cellulite is considerably smoothed out. One amazing thing I was not expecting to alter though was the actual shape of my legs. They returned to looking the way they did when I was in my 20s. It's quite wonderful and extraordinary.

  • Ronelle Wood
    Posted on

    A horrible product. This tool does not do what it is promoted to do. It was ill-conceived based on NO scientific truth and has caused grievous to so many women. For true evidence of its harmful results check out the Facebook support groups that have formed to help women share their stories and find solutions to their injuries. "Fascia Blaster Negative Effects" is one of many. Ashley Black has refused to acknowledge any complaints and when criticized for giving out medical advice and misinformation about fascia by myself and other fascia specialists, she then read up on me and began parroting my words (many of which are right here in your article) without crediting this author. "Touching Light: How To Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia" I am horrified that my words are being used to substantiate claims made by this woman who has absolutely no credentials in any field of specialization to peddle a product that is harming women by playing on their insecurities. If you take the time to understand what we know to be true about fascia, you would NEVER abuse your delicate, intricate, magnificent fascia in this way.

  • Nellie
    Posted on

    Please do your research prior to purchasing his tool. Some have had great results and others have had aweful results. The main Fasciablaster Facebook group censors all posts. If i had know what I do now I would never have purchased this stick. Ari I to clean eating, exercise... Avoid the BPA plastic stick rubbed all over your heated body! My hormones are now off the charts!

  • Amy Willis
    Posted on

    The fascia blaster causes many women harm. The FDA just investigated the company and found 75 violations. Ashley Black is a con artist. This is public record. Her "study" was a joke with no IRB or power review. Please be very careful and don't follow the Kardashians.

  • Jen
    Posted on

    I wish I could go back in time to where I never bought into this. Great at first. Now I need a surgical intervention to repair damages from the inflammation it caused.

  • Nellie
    Posted on

    I thought this tool was going to be great... It was marketed to be 100% effective and work for everyone. I train hard 6 days a week and eat clean. I tried this tool and I now regret it. My stomach has turned to much, I have spider veins and varicose veins and my hormones were affected. I have pre and post blood work to confirm this. Do your research, seek out opinions and advise from users (both good and bad) This tool does not work for everyone.

  • Dont buy
    Posted on

    If I had to buy today, there would be no way. I bought the FB last year, hormones were a mess and gained 20lbs. Now they are all listed on the new terms and conditions. Why 2 inserts of b/a pictures were used for this article are both of women who are pregnant are beyond me, if the product works there should be thousands of truthful pictures. From what Ive seen, any reduction of cellulite is temporary from inflammation and doesn't last, you look way worse later usually the 4-6 month mark. Landsliding skin is not what you want, which is what Ashley has now. Look at recent pictures of her and she has used the tool the longest.

  • GB
    Posted on

    I have been using the FasciaBlaster for well over a year and a half now. I started blasting for chronic pain reasons and it has helped me more than I can express - I went from being one sad puppy in pain all the time to a seriously happy camper with no inflammation or pain at all! This completely changed my life! My side effects? I have lost over 20 inches, any lumps/dents have smoothed out nicely, my skin is soft, and my whole shape has changed! You can't tell me that my smooth skin and double-digit inches reduction are a result of inflammation - that doesn't make any sense! Also, I blast only once a week - it wouldn't last that long if that's what was happening. And of course the MDs would recommend Cellfina instead! It's thousands of dollars in their pockets for that procedure - they get nothing if you fix yourself with FasciaBlasting. You do the math!! And yes, if you don't maintain your results, eventually your cellulite might come back. Just like if you stop working out you lose your muscle. If you stop brushing your hair every day, it doesn't stay tangle free see where I'm going with this? But I'll be blasting for the rest of my life to continue to be pain free, cellulite free, and feeling fine!

  • Ella
    Posted on

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my FasciaBlaster. Not only has it helped with my cellulite it has helped all my aches and pains go away. No more knee pain, hand pain. back pain, leg pain, arm pain, foot pain. The list goes on and on. I recommend this tool to all of my family and friends!

  • BethAnderson
    Posted on

    I am a food lover who had cellulite problems......and I cant do dieting at all, but I did one thing which stopped all kinds of cellulite problems from my I will make my comment short and simple...all food lovers please use dermalmd cellulite serum.....I am saying this because I have tried many things on my body but nothing happened but this serum removed all dimples from my butt and thighs...

  • Brenda
    Posted on

    Love this article! The FasciaBlaster has truly changed my life - amazing for pain relief and treating tension and tightness that you would otherwise need to pay to see a therapist or massage for. I'm so glad I discovered these tools!!

  • Kimberly
    Posted on

    LOVE the FasciaBlasters!! I've experienced incredible transformations and health benefits - can't say enough good things about these amazing products!

  • Kira
    Posted on

    Do NOT try this. Ashley Black has had a slew of complaints against her bc the FasciaBlaster damaged their skin so badly and it doesn't go away. Go to her FB page and look under reviews. You will see all the complaints against using this! It's all hype and promo, that's it! You're better just going to the gym or getting a professional massage. Thank you for making people aware that this isn't all its hyped to be.

  • Zen chen
    Posted on

    The temporary disappearance of cellulite through intense bodily inflammation is not worth the damage this tool causes long-term users. Please check in with the adverse side effects group to read just some of the many other side effects which may occur. If I was considering purchase today rather than last year I would choose not to due to the side effects and now listed contraindications on the website. Feel free to check out the unscientific study on the website as well. If you know anything about statistics or science, you will shake your head at this and how gullible people can be.

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