The 2-Second Hack to Know If Your Avocado Is Ripe

Avocados are the go-to for so many dishes that we just can’t get enough of, like salads and avocado toast. But there’s nothing worse than cutting into an avocado, only to find out that it’s nowhere near ripe and totally inedible.

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A new sticker was just released that takes the guesswork completely out of the equation. This sticker is being used on avocados at New Zealand’s Freshmax grocery stores. And there’s really nothing to it other than matching up one of three hues of green to your avocado and seeing which one reads as ripe. Light green indicates it’s not ready to eat, the medium-colored green means the avocado is firm ripe and the darkest shade of green means that the avocado is soft and if not eaten soon, will probably need to be tossed.

Image: Reddit

While you may still stick to the age-old squeeze test, this color-coded chart definitely helps, too.