The At-Home Treatment Supermodel Miranda Kerr Does Every Morning for Tighter Skin

Supermodels are always in the know regarding the best skin care practices the beauty industry has to offer (seriously, they've tried everything), which is why we're so tuned in to what their skin, body and makeup tricks currently are. Our latest discovery? Miranda Kerr's drugstore hack for tighter skin. 

The supermodel, who's currently prepping for her wedding to Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegal, recently opened up to InStyle about the morning skin care ritual she never skips. "I’m such a big fan of body brushing, like dry body brushing. I love it,” she said in the interview. “I do it every morning religiously. It stimulates the lymphatic system. It detoxifies your body."

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Dry brushing is a technique in which one runs a brush against the skin in order to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins from the body. It's been shown to lower inflammation, firm skin and even reduce cellulite. The practice is also well-known for having quite the celebrity following, with iconic supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley also swearing by it.

Additionally, Kerr, 33, mentioned her preferred spa treatment in the interview: “I really love going in the infrared sauna, just to detox,” she said, adding that she enjoys drinking cold-pressed green juice and coconut water to boost skin health from the inside out. While these extra tips are great advice on their own, it’s the dry brushing that’s caught our attention. You can snag one for yourself at Target for only $6. 

  • simone ranciss
    Posted on

    After I had Coolsculpt, the dermatologist suggested it, I guess to get the melting fat out? I really didnt keep up with it. I may have lost about 25% with the treatment, but too expensive to go back for so little result.

  • James
    Posted on

    Its true, the only thing that detoxifies you is your very own liver. Nothing you put on your skin, wash with, creams, "detox" teas and other beverages/food have any(miniscule at best) effect. Its like seeing a commercial for shampoo that advertises such and such vitamins repair and strengthen hair. Yeah, no. Its like saying if you have a broken window just rub some of this special window repair soap on it, it'll be stronger and be repaired!

  • Diana Harris
    Posted on

    It may feel nice but dermatologists I've spoken with said there's no scientific proof it eliminates toxins (that's what your liver is for).

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