Victoria Beckham Speaks Out About Her Plastic Surgery Regret

In a recent letter addressed to her younger self and published in British Vogue, Victoria Beckham gets extremely candid about some beauty choices she wish she hadn't made. One of her most revealing regrets: She opted for breast implants and then spent years denying the rumors.

“Don’t mess with your boobs,” Beckham says to her younger self. “All those years I denied it—stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.”

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In 2014, Beckham admitted that she had “purchased” breasts and then later got them removed. A recent report from Britain cited an overall trend shift toward women opting for smaller breasts, with doctors saying that the “massive implant look” from 20 years ago has fallen out of favor. In addition, plastic surgeons note that implants that are too large can have detrimental effects to the body including stretching out the skin and shoulder and neck pain. Beckham did not elaborate on her choice to get implants or to remove them, aside from mentioning that it wasn’t because they “hurt her.” 

The star did dole out a few other bits of beauty advice: Lay off the hairspray (her product of choice is Elnett), “let your skin breathe, wear less makeup” and “don’t ever let that makeup artist shave off your eyebrows.” Beckham also admitted that she was addicted to “silly fad diets” and has a particular penchant for green juice. But the most important beauty rule of all that she’s learned after all these years is one that we can all benefit from: learning to embrace imperfections.