NewBeauty’s ‘State of Aesthetics’ Report: Insights into Evolving Attitudes Towards Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care

NewBeauty’s ‘State of Aesthetics’ Report: Insights into Evolving Attitudes Towards Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care featured image
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In a world where beauty standards are constantly evolving, understanding what matters most is key to embarking on a rewarding aesthetic journey. NewBeauty’s fourth “State of Aesthetic” report was recently released and provides patient-facing insights into the latest trends, preferences, and future plans for cosmetic treatments and skin care.  Now in its third year and fourth edition, “The State of Aesthetics” unveils real-time data on evolving attitudes from BeautyEngine subscribers, the industry’s most advanced and educated aesthetic consumers. 

This wealth of up-to-the-minute information gives us insights into to how we make informed decisions about who we choose as our providers, which cosmetic treatments we want next and the “how, when and why” when it comes to and planning procedures and spending habits for treatments, plastic surgery and skin care. 

The Power of Real-Time Data

Unlike other aesthetic studies that provide information gathered a year before, this report presents the most up-to-date insights on the platforms consumers use to research aesthetic providers. The data shows a significant shift towards TikTok as a source of patient information, indicating the need for engaging and informative content on this platform. Respondents revealed that 62.0% of consumers used Instagram to research aesthetic providers in 2023, while 40.4% use Facebook, 18.7% use TikTok, and 8.6% use LinkedIn. TikTok’s popularity as a platform for patient information has increased by 12.8% since 2021. Given the changing landscape, these numbers show how imperative it is for social media content about aesthetics to be engaging, informative and brief top capture the attention of viewers.

Social Media’s Appeal and Diverse Demographics

With 37.5% of respondents aged 18-34, TikTok presents a fantastic opportunity for providers to connect with younger demographics seeking cosmetic procedures. Short-form videos have been leading the way to help educate and attract patients about their providers and chosen procedures. Additionally, 16.6% of users on TikTok are aged 35-54, indicating an increasing number of adults joining the platform.

Embracing Ageless Beauty Philosophies

Our attitudes towards aging have constantly been evolving over time, but what we’ve learned is that looking like a refreshed version of ourselves is most important. According to the report, nearly 60% of respondents prefer to look younger than their actual age, emphasizing the importance of treatments that provide natural and rejuvenated results. The report also shows that 58.7% of respondents prefer to look younger than their actual age, while 37.2% aim to appear like a well-maintained version of their actual age. 

Common Areas of Concern

While aging philosophies are evolving, there are still common areas of concern that people want to improve with signs of aging and skin laxity being top of mind. The statistical data reveals that patients are most interested in finding permanent solutions for improving their facial concerns, with the top three concerns being wrinkles (25.4%), hyperpigmentation (12.5%), and fine lines (10.4%). When it comes to body concerns, the data shows that patients are looking for long-term solutions to address cellulite (19.5%), hair thinning or hair loss (11.0%), and flabby arms (9.8%).

Top Treatments in Demand

Aesthetic treatments remain highly sought-after, with 47% of respondents planning to get neurotoxin injections in the next 12 months. After wrinkle relaxers, 45% opted for high-tech facials, and 42% chose fillers as their next treatment, proving that nonsurgical “tweakments” continue to be top of mind for American patients wanting to refresh their look. 

Skin Care with a Purpose

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the products they use on their skin. Clean ingredients and cruelty-free options are significant considerations for 62.9% and 51.1% of respondents, respectively, when selecting skin care products. This growing trend indicates consumers’ increasing awareness about the products they use on their skin.

Active Ingredients for the Body

Skin care concerns don’t only reside on our faces and more body products have launched recently that extend our routines below the neck. When asked which ingredients they look for most, Hyaluronic acid took the top spot with 73% of respondents choosing it as a preferred ingredient, followed by ceramides at 60% and alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) at 58%. 

Spending Habits

Surprisingly, 44.1% of patients said they purchased skin care products directly from their aesthetic provider or doctor’s office in the past 12 months. This presents an opportunity to enhance the patient experience and ensure knowledgeable staff can suggest suitable products to their patients.

Addressing Common Concerns

According to the report, the Brazilian Butt Lift remains the most aversive cosmetic treatment for the second year in a row. Breast reductions and breast augmentations follow, but not too close behind. Some patients may be concerned about potential risks and complications associated with BBL, such as fat embolism, infection and anesthesia-related issues.

Future Spending and Price Expectations

Despite economic uncertainties, 57.5% of respondents said they plan to maintain their current spending on procedures and treatments. However, 49.1% expect prices of aesthetic treatments to increase in the next 12 months.

Prioritizing Aesthetic Treatments

When asked about reducing overall spending, most surprising is the areas consumers and patients would cut back on when budgeting. Only 24.7% of respondents were willing to cut back on aesthetic treatments or procedures. Nail care, clothing, and spa/massage topped the list, while skin care ranked low with 6% of participants stating it’s the last area they’re willing to cut back, proving the power of products as a means of self improvement and care.

Report Methodology: The 2023 NewBeauty “State of Aesthetics” report is based on real-time data gathered from BeautyEngine subscribers. Surveys were deployed in April 2023, focusing on individual patient considerations during the aesthetic treatment process and projected spending habits and attitudes in the coming year. BeautyEngine’s extensive reach taps into a community of beauty enthusiasts with a passion for aesthetic treatments, ensuring that the report’s data accurately represents the preferences and attitudes of informed and engaged consumers. Click here for a full version of the report.

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