Olivia Culpo Reveals the Secret to Taking a Flattering Photo Every Single Time

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When it comes to beauty, we trust Olivia Culpo implicitly. The former Miss Universe has made a career out of always looking flawless with each gorgeous selfie commanding tens of thousands of likes on Instagram. Case in point: We met the social media star at a ghd event (she’s the brand's newest ambassador) and not a strand of hair or drop of makeup was out of place despite a day of pouring, freezing rain in New York City. We clearly took the opportunity to grab her beauty secrets.

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NewBeauty: What are your go-to beauty products?
Olivia Culpo:
I really love my Clarisonic—I’m not able to clean my skin as well without it. When I’m working I do my makeup every day, so it’s worth it for me to have one to be able to get my skin really clean and not freaked out from a full day of makeup. In terms of skin care, I love Kate Somerville Goat Milk Undereye Depuffing Stick. [Ed Note: There’s definitely not even a hint of puffiness under Culpo’s eyes].

A photo posted by Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo) on

NB: Do you do your own makeup?
OC: Oh yes, I love doing my own makeup. I can do my makeup without a mirror. Hair is more difficult, that’s why I really have to have the right tools.

NB: What are some of the best tricks you’ve learned having been in the beauty space for so long?
OC: I have so many beauty tricks! I swear by coconut oil for hair and coconut oil for moisturizer. I put avocado masks on my face and green tea bags on my eyes. And I swear by vitamin E oil for breakouts or red spots.

NB: What’s your best trick for always taking a flattering photo?
OC: You have to find your angle—everyone has a different angle that they look best in. And always standing in front of the light instead of behind the light is very important.