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From celebrities to fitness experts, there’s that constant buzz about how mixing up your workout is the key to keeping things interesting—and staving off the boredom that comes from a steady routine of early-morning treadmill time. These spas offer some of the most interesting ways to get out of a fitness slump and kick things up a notch.

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Using the same mash-up principle that makes for unforgettable song medleys, you can rev up your routine by fusing two or more fitness disciplines into one harmonious, seriously sweat-inducing workout.

Piloxing at Cal-a-Vie
Combining the power, speed and agility of boxing with the toning, sculpting and flexibility of Pilates, Piloxing at Cal-a-Vie in Vista, CA, offers a fusion of two fitness faves into one calorie-torching hit. Cal-a-Vie fitness director Leslie White says, “Our guests love Piloxing because it is a fun mix of Pilates, boxing and dance moves that will empower your inner strength.” cal-a-vie.com

What Makes It Different
It goes beyond core strengthening and muscle building to include things like self-defense moves and breathing techniques.

The Bottom Line
You’ll learn how to combine two workouts into one fierce regimen that you can continue at home.

Spogaat at BodyHoliday
Having trouble securing a spot at your overcrowded spinning class? The BodyHoliday, St. Lucia, has the answer with its sky-high Tree House spin studio and rooftop Zen Deck, which offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. But perhaps the best offering is its new class, Spoga, an invigorating 30-minute cycling session, followed by 30 minutes of yoga that combines cardio, strength-training, stretching and deep breathing all in one workout. thebodyholiday.com

What Makes It Different
This is one workout that flies—it will be finished before you know it, but you’ll be eager for the next session.

The Bottom Line:
Even if you aren’t superfit, you’ll be able to do it (having some spinning experience helps), but be prepared to sweat—a lot.

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Muscle Soother
Give tired muscles some much-needed relief with ESPA Fitness Body Oil, a specially blended formula that works to warm, soothe and reenergize tired, achy muscles after vigorous physical activity. $67, us.espaskincare.com
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Go Old School
You’ve jumped on every fitness bandwagon to date, but the dance crazes and overhyped sweat sessions just aren’t doing it for you. Getting back to basics with intense boot camp structured workouts that rely on core fitness principles like lunges, squats, push-ups and crunches might be the jolt your traditionally trendy workout really needs.

The Trazer at Fontainebleau Miami Beach
A high-tech twist on traditional exercise moves, The TRAZER at Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a highly interactive fitness machine through which your own body controls the movements of a character on a large screen as you sculpt your abs, thighs, glutes and chest. fontainebleau.com

What Makes It Different
The 3-D screen is engaging and your trainer will kick things up a notch by incorporating dumbbells and resistance bands as needed.

The Bottom Line
The workout is tiring but totally captivating for the high-tech crowd.

Beach Body Boot Camp At Crystal Mountain
Skiing may be the main attraction at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, MI, but Beach Body Boot Camp is one of the resort’s signature fitness offerings, designed to get you in shape once the snowy season is over. The boot camp sessions will take you through an all-encompassing circuit that includes cardio, endurance and strength training. crystalmountain.com

What Makes It Different 

There are two options available for beginner and advanced level training, so anyone can do it.
The bottom line The circuits are challenging but the instructors are so good, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

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Fresh Protection
Ambre Blends Natural Deodorant keeps you smelling fresh even when you’re working up a sweat. $34, ambreblends.com
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Extreme Regime
If you think your hard-core regimen has officially leveled off, 
it may be time to turn to a high-voltage, total fitness immersion. Many spas offer multiday retreats in which you will work out like it is your full-time job—think eight to 10 hours a day of nothing but torching calories and getting in shape.

R4.0 At The Ranch At Live OAK
The new, four-day version of the traditional week-long program at The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, CA, R4.0 offers the same high-energy, vigorous daily itinerary that includes four hours of hiking through rugged mountain terrain and a variety of exercise classes to fill your all-day schedule. theranchmalibu.com

What Makes It Different
This shorter retreat is ideal for those who can’t break away from the daily grind for a traditional seven-day stay, but want the same level of intensity and results.

The Bottom Line
The program is intense and nonstop, but you’ll feel stronger and more in shape than you ever thought possible.

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On-The-Go Cleansing
The ultimate travel- and gym bag–friendly deep facial cleanser, Foreo Luna Mini gently works to remove dirt and oil after your workout. $139, foreo.com

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Get Out — Literally
If the dull, stale gym aesthetic isn’t motivating 
you to get in shape, it might be time to just get into the great outdoors where Mother Nature herself serves as your personal trainer, revving up your workout with benefits you won’t find indoors, like natural wind resistance and variable terrains.

Mountain Hike on Pilgrim trail At Rancho La Puerta
Surrounded by meadows, streams and mountain views, Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, offers a variety of hikes for all skill levels 
ranging from moderate to very challenging. The Mountain Hike along Pilgrim Trail takes you along difficult terrain that spans 3.5 miles before returning downhill along what is known as the Professor’s Trail. rancholapuerta.com

What Makes It Different
The awe-inspiring surroundings. It doesn’t feel like hard work in this beautiful of a place.

The Bottom Line
You’ll get in shape and be inspired to keep the momentum going once you get home, too.

Guided Hikes At The Biggest Loser Resort
The fitness options vary by location at the Biggest Loser Resort (there’s one in Ivins, UT, Malibu, CA, Niagra, NY, and a new location in Chicago) but the mission remains the same—inspiring guests to achieve lifelong health and wellness through customized programs that include nutrition education, targeted fitness schedules and invigorating wellness treatments. The best part—you won’t even know how hard you’re working. Guided hikes may feel more  like nature walks rather than the  calorie-torching workouts they truly are. biggestloserresort.com

What Makes It Different
These guided hikes are more like taking the first steps of a life-changing journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Bottom Line
You’ll lose weight and leave with a boost of self-confidence.

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Pre-workout Fix
Cinnamon oil in ilike organic skin care circulation revitalizing body lotion energizes joints and muscles for a pre-workout boost. $68, szepelet.com
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Going On A Roll
foam rolling involves movements on foam rollers to improve posture, flexibility and strength while massaging muscles. Alyson Limehouse, creator of rollology, a foam rolling fitness technique founded in pilates, says, “Not only does this method create longer, leaner muscles and better support for the body, it is therapeutic for those with injury.”

Roll With It At Miraval Resort
Fitness instructor at Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ, Pam Trudeau compares this class to getting a deep tissue massage while also working on flexibility. She explains, “You are encouraging more flexibility while relieving tightness and soreness that can restrict optimal movement.” It’s also ideal after other, more intense workouts. “This will help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with new movement patterns.” miravalresorts.com

What Makes It Different
 This class takes foam rolling a step further by also incorporating a calming relaxation series.

The Bottom Line
You’ll feel rejuvenated in more ways than one, and you’ll learn a new protocol to add to your fitness routine.
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Stylish Motivator
Sometimes motivation for working out can be found in a new outfit like this ultracomfortable Tees by Tina Ombre Dye Tank, which you can pair with yoga pants and hit the gym in style. $50, teesbytina.com
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Find Your Rhythm
Break away from the usual aerobic, dance-fueled workouts and unleash your inner musician with high-performance drumming-based fitness classes that offer an innovative way to get in shape and learn something new while stepping up your usual workout rhythm.

Pound At Omni La Costa Resort & SPA
This is not your high school band class. Using weighted drumsticks, the high-energy Pound workout melds music and fitness and turns drumming into one serious calorie-torching cardio workout. lacosta.com

What Makes It Different
Weighted drum sticks add a strength-training element while the music makes the time fly.

The Bottom Line
You’ll feed off the energy you burn and finish feeling totally recharged.

Drums Alive At Red mountain Resort
An exercise ball and drum sticks are all you need to blast calories and have fun in a Drums Alive session at the Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, UT. Aerobic, coordinated movements fuel this fast-paced workout. redmountainresort.com

What Makes It Different
The coordination required will also challenge and stimulate your mind.

The Bottom Line
 You’ll feel an allover sense of renewal from this total mind and body workout.
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Safeguard Skin
With any outdoor activity, protect your skin with Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30+, which shields skin from damaging UV rays. $33, imageskincare.com
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The Ultimate Balm
Hydration is crucial after a workout and that goes for your skin, too. Chock-full of moisturizers like sunflower oil and beeswax, Sanitas Nourishing Body Balm hydrates even the driest skin. $23, sanitas-skincare.com

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