A Look Inside The Ultimate Beauty Solution Sampling Program

Over the last decade, TestTube has served as the industry pioneer in beauty sampling with more than 9 million products sampled since 2006. We’ve spent the last 10 years helping women discover the best version of themselves through product discovery. Will you be next? Sign up to get curated beauty solution delivered straight to your door. Learn more at testtube.newbeauty.com

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  • Nick
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    I used to work at Kiehls during my undergrad and I can tell you that people abuse the "sampling" like children. This is why the company only gives samples if you make a purchase. There are too many self-entitled people who would come in on every shift and literally ask for 10 samples, but never buy anything. Therefore, although sampling maybe a good idea, please keep in mind that by advocating sampling people will always abuse. As someone who is pro-business, if you're just dishing out samples without sales there is no profit. My 2 cents.