Skin Care for ‘Down There’ Is Trending—Here’s What You Need to Know

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“Feminine care” is a phrase that used to be reserved for products needed during that time of the month, but today there are so many more vulva and vaginal-care products on the market that calm irritation, treat dryness and regulate pH balance, but it begs the question—Do our lady parts really need skin care?

“You don’t clean, hydrate and moisturize your face with the same bar of soap that you use on your feet or on your arms, right?” notes Santa Monica, CA gynecologist Dr. Sherry Ross, founder of the feminine-care line Urja Intimates. “It’s sort of that same philosophy, it’s just giving the same sort of hygienic attention and love to the area that’s equally as sensitive.”

New York gynecologist Dr. Monica Grover agrees, “Although the vagina is a self-cleansing organ, it is important to tend to our vulvas. The vulva is the entryway to the vaginal opening, and it offers a protective barrier from bacteria or other microorganisms that can invade the vagina and disrupt its sensitive pH balance. Ideally, the vulva should be cleansed with just warm water, but if a wash is preferred, then it should be mild, have natural ingredients and be gynecologist-approved.”

“As women go through hormonal changes following childbirth and then also well into their late 30s through their 50s, the vaginal tissue starts to get thinned out as well as the vulva tissue, they’ll start to describe painful sex, vaginal irritation and discomfort related to hormone changes following different milestones in their life,” adds Santa Monica, CA gynecologist Dr. Shamsah Amersi. “The biggest complaint I see on a regular basis is vaginal infections and vulva irritation from hormone fluctuations. This is where soothing products that help maintain pH balance can help.”

So which products are best to try? “Witch hazel on the vulva, as well as mineral oil, is safe to use as well as water-based wipes,” explains Dr. Grover. “If there is vulvar irritation, products that are based on natural ingredients like extra virgin oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, squalene and vitamin E are best.”

Here, we highlight the best new feminine products to treat every vaginal concern and what they do.

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Rael Soothing Vulva Care Set ($23)

Featuring botanical ingredients like aloe and hibiscus, eucalyptus and pomegranate to help cleanse, moisturize and rebalance pH levels, the clean, fragrance-free formulas in the Soothing Gel to Foam Feminine Wash, Soothing Vulva Gel and Soothing Feminine Mist help maintain a healthy environment downstairs.

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Urja Intimates Vibrant V Ph Balanced Personal Wash ($36)

pH levels play an important part in determining vaginal health. This daily wash containing extra virgin coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, probiotics and 100mg broad spectrum CBD not only cleanses and hydrates, it also helps keep pH balance in check.

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SweetSpot Labs Rescue Balm ($25)

Feeling dryness, flakiness, irritation or discomfort? This lipid replenishing balm locks in moisture with clean ingredients like sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and squalene.

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LaMaria Carioca Feminine Moisturizer ($64)

Using a blend of phytoestrogens—an estrogen-mimicking plant nutrient—this creamy ultra hydrator is naturally derived and features conditioning and strengthening ingredients like aloe vera leaf extract, radish seed extract, olive oil and coconut oil.

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Momotaro Apotheca Salve ($35)

Soothing, cooling and made of a coconut and jojoba oil base, this anti-inflammatory salve has natural ingredients like goldenseal, echinacea and calendula, which help treat symptoms of yeast and bacterial infections.

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Nessa Organics Vagina Victory Oil ($33)

Just three to four drops of this antioxidant-rich oil helps treat the discomforts that come with changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Mango seed butter, vitamin E, and sunflower, coconut, and pomegranate oils give the vulva much-needed soothing hydration.

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The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash ($10)

Easily irritated by clothing, detergents, or physical activity? This herbal-infused sensitive-skin formula—it features lavender, grapefruit seed extract and apple cider vinegar—is made especially for you.

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Nixit Wash ($9)

Menstrual cup users know the pros and cons of going the reusable route, and one of the challenges is keeping the device sanitized after each use. Made with natural ingredients, this ph balanced, fragrance-free wash is designed to cleanse both the vulva and the cup between uses.

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VMagic Feminine Lips Stick ($20)

For a moisturizing, comforting, and nourishing fix, this on-the-go stick is convenient to use throughout the day and provides instant relief during the most drying times.

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Good Clean Love Rebalance pH-Balanced Wipes ($9)

Not feeling so fresh after a workout or long day? These pH- balancing wipes are individually packaged, biodegradable, and made of aloe and soothing botanicals to clean, refresh and rebalance the vaginal ecosystem any time, any place.

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Nyssa Care VieVision Between Legs Self-Check Mirror ($64)

With an LED light and shaped perfectly to hold between the thighs, this innovative OBGYN-approved self-check mirror make it easy to apply serums, moisturizer, lubricants and creams while sitting or standing up.

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V-Spot Good Sex Intimate Moisturizer ($125)

These suppository treatments are designed to hydrate the vaginal wall to relieve irritation and dryness while calming and restoring tissue to create a tightening effect. 

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Womaness Daily V Soothe ($15)

Tackling vaginal dryness and doubling as an intimacy-prepper, this hormone- and silicone-free water-based moisturizer provides instant comfort. The best part? You can pick it up on your next Target run.

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Vella Bioscience Women’s Pleasure Serum ($65, $8 for single use)

Designed by the scientific experts who helped develop Cialis and Viagra, this serum delivers nano-encapsulated pure CBD into the tissue to smooth and relax internal muscles and take intimate moments to a whole new level.

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