As Seen On The TODAY Show: Nailing Your 5-to-9 Self-Care Routine

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Gaining continuous momentum since the lifestyle TikTok girlies introduced us to the 5-to-9 before the 9-to-5 routine, the #5to9 has amassed over 40 million views on TikTok, so it’s safe to say that social media users and self-care aficionados everywhere are eager to make the most of their early morning moments.

While the idea of waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning for fun may not seem appealing to many (it’s me, hi, I’m the self-proclaimed “anti-morning” person, it’s me), but the benefits of taking time before the day starts to connect with yourself through practices like meditation, movement and skin care are endless. Ahead, walk through NewBeauty‘s senior editor-at-large Sarah Eggenberger’s sure-fire shortlist of steps to enhance your 5-to-9 routine.

Ease Into Your Wakeup

The sound of the Apple alarm clock can cause panic for many (the cold shiver that goes down my spine when I hear the Marimba sound is real), so the first step in creating a peaceful, meditative morning routine is to ease into your wake up. Instead of jolting awake to the alarm sound you’ve been using for years and have learned to dread, new innovations in the world of sleep technology, like the Loftie Alarm Clock ($149), allow for a much subtler, healthier approach to waking up.

Engineered by sleep scientists and newly proclaimed as the internet’s favorite alarm clock, the Loftie Alarm Clock helps you sleep deeper and wake up rested, building the foundation of your health. Instead of the panicked feeling created by cell phone alarms, Loftie wakes you with peaceful sounds and increased light. You can even create a personalized bedtime story to help you fall asleep the night before. Plus, the device is fully usable without an app.

BUY NOW – $149

Curate a Cozy Vibe

Once you’ve awoken in a panic-free state of mind, the next step in creating your ideal 5-to-9 routine is to curate the vibe in your space that will accompany you through all of your next steps. As we all know, scents contribute largely to your overall mood, which is why the Pura 4 Smart Fragrance Diffuser ($50) is the perfect addition to your morning routine. With interchangeable fragrances all controllable from an app, each Pura device holds two different fragrances which you can set on their own distinct schedule and fragrance intensity. Easy to set up, once you’ve got your Pura in place, it’s somewhat of a “set and forget” situation, which is ideal for those super early mornings. Pair all of that with the brand’s huge variety of unique and cult-classic clean scents, you can wake up to the perfect smelling house and go to bed with a different relaxing scent without having to do a thing.

BUY NOW – $50

Skin Care As Self Care

We know we sound like a broken record, but skin care is self care, and the best way to kick start your day looking and feeling your best is with a simple yet effective skin-care routine. Your skin will get the most benefit from a consistent, daily skincare routine, and while you are sipping on your coffee, make a morning spa ritual part of your routine by adding a mask to your morning routine to give yourself a little extra TLC. Even if you’re in a rush, you can still make your morning skin care a fun experience.

VIOLETTE_FR’s Boum-Boum Milk ($64) is a minimalist’s dream skincare routine— this 3-in-1 spray is a toner, serum, and moisturizer in a bottle, and the one-of-a-kind probiotic-based solution within the formula delivers rebalancing, hydrating and soothing effects on the skin. Plus, the mist instantly refreshes and wakes you up with that luxurious “aah” feeling upon application.

BUY NOW – $64

Once you’ve spritzed yourself awake, treat yourself to a sheet mask: self-care in a package! Ultraceuticals Ultra B² Hydration Mask ($22) is a great morning partner as it has panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and peptides to calm, comfort and restore hydration to the skin. This mask also provides a great deal of hydration and traps moisture, to visibly plump and moisturize so your skin looks amazing to face the day.

BUY NOW – $22

Our lips always need a little extra love, too, so the final step in this paired-down morning spa routine is a little hydration courtesy of OGEE’s Sculpted Lip Oil ($25). A natural lip oil that melts perfectly onto lips, OGEE’s Sculpted Lip Oil lightly plumps lips with a refreshing infusion of organic peppermint oil to refresh your pout for the day ahead.

BUY NOW – $25

Raising Awareness: Journaling and Planning

The next key aspect in curating an effective 5-to-9 routine is to start your day with some self-reflection and planning for what’s ahead. Raising your self-awareness through journaling is one great method to maintaining wellness and starting your day on the right foot. Writing out your goals helps you visualize and reflect on your progress and can also help with inspiring and motivating you moving forward. Whether it’s your 5-year plan or just your grocery list, writing our your thoughts and needs is an essential step in any morning routine.

POKETO Daily Weekly Monthly Planner ($36) is an open-dated planner, which mean’s there are no dates typed in, allowing you to add the dates and control when to start or skip a week without worrying about wasting space. It’s the perfect sized planner that accounts for space to timestamp events and tasks as well as room for notes and sketches. Included in this gorgeously decorated planner are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sections complete with a place for notes and monthly goals and even houses two pockets in the back to organize any loose-leaf paper you collect throughout your day.

BUY NOW – $36

Get Moving

While it may feel like the last thing we want to do when we first wake up, incorporating movement into your morning routine can work wonders for your overall mood. If you don’t have the time or energy to make it to the gym, the array of at-home workout products have made exercising at home a breeze.

Bala Bangles ($55) have become a cult classic, because you can strap them on, go about your day and get added strength and tone wherever you are, (seriously, while you’re getting ready, during your walk to work, whatever your AM looks like, you name it!).Wildly versatile, these weights can be worn on wrists or ankles for a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout, making the world your gym.

BUY NOW – $55

You Time

The final step in a well-rounded 5-to-9 routine is one that is simple yet often overlooked in what can quickly become busy, bustling mornings: you time. Once you’ve gotten your mind and body organized, allow yourself some relaxation and medition with self-care essentials like PureRadiance™ Back & Neck Luxury Heating Pad ($60) and Skin Savant Amy’s Ice Roller ($40).

The PureRadiance Back and Neck Heating Pad provides instant heat therapy and comfort as it drapes over your shoulders, but its versatile design allows you to place the pad over other areas of your body to get relief from menstrual cramps, sore muscles, and stiff joints and more. With six heat settings and a machine washable covering, this device is a no-brainer.

BUY NOW – $60

After you’ve let your body relax with the benefits of heat, turn to ice to cool down. With just one tool, you can contour, tighten and de-puff, thanks to the Skin Savant Ice Roller. The benefits of ice rolling include shrinking the pores, calming and oxygenating the skin, while relieving fatigue and relaxing the muscles, making it the perfect conclusion to your 5-to-9 routine.

BUY NOW – $40

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