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Autumn is upon us. Although these next few months call for hot drinks, seasonal activities, and more, it is also not uncommon to start to feel under the weather. During times like these, continuing to exercise and eating well may not be enough to keep you performing at your best. Nutritional supplements come into play by giving you that extra boost your body needs this fall. Below, the NewBeauty team shares the nutritional supplement essentials they rely on to maintain good health and wellness throughout winter and beyond.

Liz Ritter, Executive Editor

“My three forever-must wellness items are fairly simple: Going outside for a walk after work, nightly baths, and eight hours of sleep. I’m not great with consistently taking supplements, but I have been pretty steady with the LIV-ON Labs Vitamin C this summer. I also love the OLLY Immunity + Elderberry Powder—it’s a good swap for something sweet when I’m debating on grabbing an afternoon candy break and it forces me to drink more water.”

Danielle Fontana Dooley, Associate Director, Digital Content

“I do my best to ‘eat the rainbow,’ but I still start my day with a scoop of AG1, which includes 75 nutrient-dense ingredients spanning from probiotics, vitamins and minerals to fill any gaps in my diet. I’ve found it also helps keep my gut in check and boosts my energy throughout the day. To ease uncomfortable bloating after a heavy meal, I’ll grab a turmeric-infused Detox + Debloat supplement from JSHealth Vitamins. My doctor recommended I take magnesium and ashwaghanda to help naturally calm my mind in the evening, so I’ll take New Chapter Magnesium + Ashwagandha, which combines both ingredients in one supplement, after dinner. At night, I always look forward to my cup of Beam Dream Powder, which I sip on while I read in bed. It tastes like hot cocoa (the brand releases yummy seasonal flavors, too) but is packed with magnesium, reishi, L-theanine, and nano hemp to help drift me off to sleep.”

Allie Hogan, Staff Writer

“In the morning I take Ritual Synbiotic+. I had been looking for a supplement to promote better gut health for a while, and I was able to try this one while the brand was testing it and it really works. It has prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics so it’s a nice 3-in-1. When I’m feeling extra bloated or anticipate eating a meal that may bloat me I reach for Arrae Bloat Supplements. They’re both a celebrity and personal favorite. If I’m feeling a bit tired I indulge in Sourse Hype Bites. It’s packed with vitamin B12 to promote energy, clarity, and focus, not to mention it’s chocolate so it’s a real treat. Sometimes I’ll swap out Sourse for Waterdrop Boost, especially if I’m on the go. It features vitamins B6, B12, and C for some extra energy and it’s infused with delicious flavors to make your water consumption a bit more exciting. For my skin, hair, and nail health, I pour Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen into one of my daily glasses of water. At night, if I can’t sleep I take Nature Made Sleep Longer Supplement. It has maximum strength melatonin and an extended-release to ensure you stay asleep.”

Brittany Burhop-Fallon, Director of Beauty

“I am very cautious about sun damage, so I’m not surprised I’m deficient in vitamin D. However, this vitamin is critical for a healthy immune system, so I take a vitamin D supplement every day, though I’m not loyal to any one brand. I’ve written about collagen peptides many times over the years, and though I know the jury is still out on their efficacy (some dermatologists I’ve interviewed are not convinced), I throw a scoop of Vital Proteins into my daily tea in hopes of stronger hair and nails and firmer skin. I also take a women’s multivitamin, and right now it’s this best-seller from Rainbow Light. I love 8Greens, too: Whether it’s the effervescent tablets or the powder (or the occasional gummies), I love that I can get tons of veggies and all their health benefits in one flavorful glass of water.”

Tatiana Bido, Aesthetic Content Manager

“Stress is a constant stressor if that makes sense, so my supplements are related to keeping my mind calm when I’m overwhelmed with all the challenges of being a working mom. Olly Hello Happy Gummies help improve my daily mood with its featured ingredients: vitamin D and saffron. Since they’re colorful gummy worms, remembering to take them feels more like a yummy snack than another thing on my to-do list. To ease anxiety and relax during a long work week, I like the R3SET Day and Night Calm & Unwind Botanical Stress Supplements which have all-natural ingredients like valerian root, ashwagandha, and chamomile.”

Isabelle Buneo, Editorial Intern

“I found out I am vitamin D deficient last year, so I’ve been taking D supplements every day and I’ve seen such a difference in my energy levels, my mood, and even my skin. I am also a huge fan of Bloom Greens and Superfoods. I mix it into a smoothie every morning and it works wonders for bloating.”

Samantha Sandow, Contributing Writer

“To combat my vitamin D deficiency, I take a D supplement daily. Hum’s Here Comes The Sun capsules are one of my favorites. In addition, I take between two to six of Ancestral Supplements’ Grass-Fed Beef Liver capsules daily to support liver and immune health while maintaining collagen production. I am also a big fan of 8 Greens. Whenever I miss out on eating my vegetables, I grab three of 8 Greens’ Daily Greens Gummies to get a daily boost of vitamins and minerals found in vegetables.”

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