NewBeauty Editors Share Their 2024 Beauty ‘Ins and Outs’

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2024 is officially in full swing, and if you’ve been keeping up with the trends on TikTok, you might be working on your list of “ins and outs” for the year as opposed to the traditional lineup of New Year’s resolutions. A more lighthearted, less-stressful take on resolutions, making your list of what’s in and out allows you to prioritize what you want your year to entail and rid yourself of what isn’t serving you, both silly and lofty.

When it comes to beauty, we all know too well that trends are always changing, but there are certain styles, products and practices that we as beauty lovers are not willing to let go of (and some we’re happy to see go). If you’re wondering what we editors at NewBeauty have on our list of beauty-related “ins and outs” for 2024, look no further!

NewBeauty Editors’ Beauty ‘Ins and Outs’


Soft Glam

As we all saw from the 2024 Golden Globes, soft glam and elevated, no-makeup makeup looks are all the rage right now. From tinted moisturizers instead of foundation to mascara and a little liner instead of falsies, soft glam looks are sure to be everywhere this year.

Hair Bonding Treatments

Hair health is inarguably in right now, and bonding treatments aimed at repairing and restoring damaged hair are sure to be on all of our radars this year. Whether it’s a pre-shower treatment or a bonding shampoo, keep your eye on all things hair bonding throughout the year.

Layering Blush

We’ve all gotten a bit more experimental with blush in the last year—hello purple shades and C-sculpt techniques—but one evolution we’re welcoming in the blush world this year is layering. Instead of powdering on one color, we’re interested in the dimensional looks that can come from layering blushes across the cheekbones.

Bold Reds

2023 may have been the year of Barbie pink, we’re anticipating—and welcoming—a shift to bolder reds for 2024. Whether it’s lucky girl red nails or a T-Swift inspired red lip, big, bright reds are at the top of our lists this year.

Exosome Treatments

In this day and age, we’ve somewhat reached a point where we as beauty consumers are comfortable with and confident in getting in-office procedures and cosmetic treatments, but in 2024, we’re hoping to see an increase in popularity for exosome treatments to speed healing post-procedure. Unsure of what exosome treatments are? Read all about them here.

Injectable Moisturizers

One of the latest and greatest innovations in noninvasive cosmetic procedures, we’re here for all-things injectable moisturizers this year. Whether its Juvéderm SKINVIVE or any other injectable moisturizer, we’re all in when it comes to rejuvenating, ultra-hydrating skin treatments.

Fragrance Body Mists

Fragrance is having a renaissance right now, and as we transition from the signature scent to the fragrance wardrobe, we’re anticipating a resurgence in fragrance body mists in the coming months—great news for any Sol De Janeiro fans!

Healing Skin from Within

If you’re exhausted from trying dozens of topicals for combatting hormonal acne, 2024 might just be your year for joining us in the journey to heal skin from within. After talking with experts about her newly developed hormonal acne, our associate beauty editor, Allie Hogan discovered that the real fix for hormone-related skin issues can come from inside, whether it’s developing a weightlifting routine or not drinking coffee on an empty stomach.


Over Contouring

Calling back to our love of soft glam for 2024, we think the days of harsh contour may be behind us. Instead, we’re swapping to layered, dimensional blush and light bronzer for contour this year.

Barbie Pink

While we will never truly say “bye Barbie” or give up the childlike joy that the franchise brings us, we think we’re ready to experiment with new statement colors this year, like red and purples.

Filled-In Brows

If there’s one trend that we haven’t seen going anywhere, it’s natural, fluffy soap brows, so we think we’re ready to say goodbye to over-filled in brows, at least for now. This year, we’re relying on brow gels and taking a lighter hand when it comes to brow pencils (I will still be filling in my bald spots, though—I’m look at you, left brow).

Tween Skin Care

If you know any 10-12 year olds or you’re just familiar with the crowds of tweens taking to Sephora on TikTok, you know that the demographic is obsessed with expensive skin care full of way too many actives for delicate young skin. So, this year, we’re hoping to say goodbye to the tween skin-care phenomena.

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