The Next Wave of Ozempic: 3 Breakthrough Weight-Loss Medications on the Horizon

The Next Wave of Ozempic: 3 Breakthrough Weight-Loss Medications on the Horizon featured image
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While we continue to hear about Ozempic in the countless weight-loss headlines in the last year, the GLP-1 class drug may have already peaked. In the pursuit of effective weight-loss medications, groundbreaking advancements are underway, offering hope to millions battling obesity. Recently, the spotlight has been on three promising drugs: Mounjaro, Oral Semaglutide, and Retatrutide, each showing remarkable potential for obesity management.

Mounjaro’s Approval for Obesity Management

“We’re seeing three really exciting new medications for weight loss including Mounjaro, oral semaglutide, and retatrutide,” states New York endocronolgist and obesity specialist Rekha Kumar, MD, who serves as chief medical officer at Found. “Mounjaro shows the best efficacy for weight loss on the market; however, it is currently only approved for Type II Diabetes, so any prescriptions for weight loss are considered ‘off label use.’“

Mounjaro, an injectable medication primarily approved for Type II Diabetes, is demonstrating unparalleled efficacy for weight loss. A recent study, SURMOUNT 2, presented at the American Diabetes Association, revealed an average total body weight loss of more than 15 percent.

“The SURMOUNT 2 study highlighted the results of Mounjaro for obesity management, showing an average loss of 15.7 percent total body weight,” said Dr. Kumar.

Moreover, Dr. Kumar noted, “It’s possible that the FDA will approve Mounjaro to treat obesity before the end of 2023,” providing a much-needed option for chronic weight management.

A Daily Semaglutide Pill

Oral Semaglutide, a new pill version of the drug present in Ozempic and Wegovy injections, is revolutionizing weight loss approaches. Offering a daily alternative, this oral form demonstrated weight loss results comparable to a 2.4 mg injection of Wegovy. “When taken at 50 mg daily, this new oral semaglutide showed weight loss as good as a 2.4 mg injection of Wegovy,” Dr. Kumar emphasizes. A daily pill could attract those averse to weekly injections, she says, widening the reach of this effective treatment.

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However, the most awe-inspiring results come from Retatrutide, now dubbed the “triple G” due to its agonistic impact on three weight regulation hormones: GLP1, GIP, and Glucagon. “In clinical studies, the medication helped people lose about 24% of their body weight on average. If these results are replicated in future studies, retatrutide has the potential to provide greater weight loss benefits than any GLP-1 medication currently on the market,” says Baton Rouge, LA internal medicine specialist and obesity expert Dr. Raoul Manalac of Ro.

New York endocrinologist Rocio Salas-Whalen, MD suggests Retatrutide could be the answer obesity patients have been searching for. “These unprecedented results surpassed the effects of Mounjaro and shows that we are just scratching the surface of obesity treatment,” says Dr. Salas Whalen. “With these results, there is potential that patients with obesity, which half of the world population is affected by, will have a resolution.”

Dr. Salas Whalen adds, “Having more options in regard to weight-loss medications will minimize the current shortages we are experiencing, and these never-before-seen results may potentially remove the need for bariatric surgery in the near future.”

As these medications progress through Phase 3 trials and seek FDA approval, the future of obesity management appears to be shifting. With Retatrutide and Oral Semaglutide showing astonishing efficacy, and the potential FDA approval of Mounjaro for obesity management, there is a glimmer of hope for those struggling with weight loss.

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