Launch List: The Best New Beauty Products Launching in February

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Launch List: The Best New Beauty Products Launching in February featured image
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Hundreds of products come across our editors’ desks every month, but not all of them deliver on their claims or live up to the hype. (Not everything that goes viral on TikTok is a miracle worker.) This is our exclusive curation of the best-in-class beauty products receiving rave reviews from our team and hitting shelves right now.

Our Favorite New Beauty Products This Month

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Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Wax ($27)

If you love Gimme Brow+ but want more hold, this easy-to-use wax is one to try. The dual-sided applicator lets you evenly deposit color onto the brows using the flat side; the domed side allows for pro-level sculpting.

It’s available in 12 shades, which is an impressive range for a brow product, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the brow gurus at Benefit. And once you’ve groomed your brows to your heart’s content, the wax will stay in place for up to 12 hours (even if you’re sweating).

BUY NOW – $27

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SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst ($116)

This science-backed, derm-approved formula focuses on skin cell proliferation to minimize signs of aging. In clinical trials, users saw a 21-percent reduction in global fine lines, a 16%-percent decrease in discoloration, a 13-percent improvement in visible pores, a 15-percent increase in skin radiance, and a 16-percent visible improvement in acne marks in just eight weeks. 

“The latest innovation from SkinCeuticals that is part of the brand’s Correct line, the goal of this serum is to cause the skin to turnover faster and cause the skin cells to mature more evenly and correctly,” says Austin, TX dermatologist Ted Lain, MD, who has done thorough research on the product and its clinicals. “This will lead to a thinner stratum corneum, and as a result, light reflects off the skin better so you have better radiance. When you accelerate the cell cycle, you decrease pigmentation, and you may even signal to the dermis to produce collagen so you can fix fine lines. There are all sorts of good things that can happen.”

BUY NOW – $116

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eos Cashmere Shave Oil ($9)

Jump on board the “everything shower” bandwagon and elevate your basic shaving routine with this new oil-serum. A little goes a long way wherever you shave, whether that’s the legs, armpits or bikini area.

“This versatile, pH-balanced shave oil is formulated to provide incredible razor glide—to help prevents nicks and cuts—silky-smooth skin and a delightful, self-care in the shower experience,” says Jamie Sachs, VP of product marketing & customer innovation. “Containing our Cashmere Skin Complex with naturally nourishing oils and butters—think shea, cocoa and argan—this gynecologist-tested shave oil-serum comforts skin and replenishes moisture anywhere and everywhere you shave.”

BUY NOW – $9

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Kate Somerville KateCeuticals SuperCell Rejuvenation Serum ($95)

This vegan, clinical-grade stem cell serum has been developed with innovative plant-based stem cells (growth factors) that mimic human proteins to rejuvenate the skin. It works to speed up collagen production and boost elasticity for a bouncier, more youthful look. But it also does so much more:

“This product is really exciting because I’ve been working on it for years,” says founder Kate Somerville. “It helps with signs of aging; it helps with rosacea. I’m 53; I’m someone who has sensitive skin and eczema; I also just got diagnosed with lupus, and boy has it taken a toll on my skin. This product has saved it. It repairs damage to the skin barrier and takes down inflammation and redness. I also use it on my younger clients who have breakouts because it speeds up the healing process of the blemishes. Stem cells are really responsible for that healing. It’s a really important ingredient in the market right now.”

BUY NOW – $95

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Kosas BB Burst ($38)

The BB cream category is alive and well now thanks to this new launch from Kosas. Like a tinted moisturizer but with a little bit more coverage, it is, quite literally, bursting with hydration. You can feel the effect on your skin, and it doesn’t settle into fine lines. Plus, it comes in 24 shades, so there’s something for everyone.

“Kosas has always been about the dreamiest, healthiest skin that still looks like you,” says brand founder Sheena Zadeh-Daly. “I wanted to add a natural, everyday coverage option to our Tinted Skincare lineup. I wanted it to be super easy to wear, like a moisturizer, and be packed with powerful ingredients while delivering the prettiest tint. At the time, I’d just discovered copper peptides and was obsessed with getting the collagen-supporting ingredient into everything. The result is a formula with serious peptide-powered skin care that delivers a burst of hydration. Feeling was also really important to me, and the gel-cream texture is like a light, refreshing drink for your skin. I was so in love with the smooth, plump, healthy look it gave my skin, I wore BB Burst on my wedding day!”

BUY NOW – $38

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Virtue Damage Reverse Serum ($60)

The brand’s biggest innovation since its inception in 2017, this leave-in treatment offers the highest concentration of Virtue’s signature ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku. A patented protein with impressive repairing benefits, this active is the driving force behind this new cream-to-serum formula.

Apply two to three pumps all over clean damp or dry hair (even your roots) and then style per usual. In clinical studies, it was shown to repair split ends by 98 percent and reduce breakage by two times. Plus, not only does it minimize past damage, but it also strengthens the hair to protect it against future damage. If you have dry, overprocessed or damaged hair, this is the treatment to bring it back to life.

BUY NOW – $60

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This Works Deep Sleep 5% Retinoid Complex ($54)

This unique, nonirritating serum combines the age-defying power of retinol with the brand’s Deep Sleep superblend of vetivert, chamomile and lavender. Together, they promote cell turnover AND beauty sleep!

“Vitamin A and its derivatives are the gold standard for age management cosmetics. However, longer-term use can be associated with irritated, dry skin caused by damage to the skin barrier, transepidermal water loss and hyperpigmentation,” says Dr. Anna Persaud, CEO. “We formulated this serum with this in mind, selecting granactive retinoid, a stabilized form of retinol known to be gentler on the skin. And, we ensured the inclusion of calming actives such as bisabolol, vitamin E and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. The result is a clinically proven age management serum that locks in moisture to the skin and future-proofs the skin barrier.”

BUY NOW – $54

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Jones Road The Nail Polish Kit ($48)

“Back in the ’90s, I was at a photo shoot. In walks a supermodel in the most casual outfit, barely any makeup, hair pulled back, and bright red short nails,” says brand founder Bobbi Brown. “Every person in the room turned their gaze in awe. The next day, everyone walked in with the same red nails, including me. I’ll never forget how magnetic and impossibly chic it was. Those very red nails are the inspiration for The Nail Polish Kit.”

A modern spin on the classic mani, the trio includes Brown’s signature red called Poppy, a super sheer pink called Ballerina, and a two-in-one clear polish that works as a topcoat and base coat. You also get a mini Jones Road nail file, which fits perfectly in even the smallest clutch.

BUY NOW – $48

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Kopari Sunglaze Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen ($39)

My favorite Kopari product will probably always be the Coconut Melt, but boy has the brand made an incredible name for itself in the sun-care category. This new addition is no exception, and I’m confident it will be a favorite on beaches everywhere come summer.

The rose gold body mist is housed in a fun, non-aerosol spray bottle and not only envelops skin with the prettiest glow, but also delivers a nice hydrating effect with no greasy feel. Broad-spectrum SPF 42 protection mixed with antioxidants helps keep skin shielded from the neck down, and the beachy scent is so addictive. It’s also sweat- and water-resistant for 80 minutes, so no activity is off limits.

BUY NOW – $39

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U Beauty The SUPER Intensive Facial Oil ($188)

Brimming with peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins C and E, this unique face oil is ideal for those who suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. It’s deeply hydrating, delivers the prettiest dewy sheen, and doesn’t sit on the surface and feel greasy like many other oils. Plus, the orangey color is natural from astaxanthin marine algae, which is one of the strongest antioxidants.

“We been conceptualizing this product for at least four years. It’s a category that’s not only been requested by our consumers, but also by me,” says founder Tina Craig. “It’s like no other facial oil you’ve ever used. It feels so rich, but it just disappears into the skin and you can put makeup on right afterward. The formula leverages our proprietary SIREN Capsule technology to teach the skin to rehydrate, stay hydrated and remember its own ability to synthesize its own hyaluronic acid. There is a high load of polyunsaturated fatty acids in there as well, which the skin needs to fight free radicals. It also helps reduce signs of inflamm-aging. I call it a ‘skin booster in a bottle.’ In three days, you’ll see your skin improve.”

BUY NOW – $188

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dae Fairy Duster ($30)

On the heels of the benzene recalls, more brands are turning to non-aerosol dry shampoos like this one. According to dae, this bottle also lasts four times longer than a can of aerosol dry shampoo—approximately 600 pumps! The talc-free powder sops up oily spots, refreshes the hair and scalp with Mojave yucca, and gives it a little bit of a volume boost.

It also makes your hair smell good thanks to the brand’s signature summery scent, which blends citrus, orange blossom and vanilla. How to use it: Like a traditional can of dry shampoo, spray it about six inches away from your roots so it disperses evenly, and then wait about 30 seconds before massaging it in.

BUY NOW – $30

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NUDESTIX Nudescreen Blush Tint SPF 30 ($30)

Available in six flirty shades, this multitasking blush tint works double-duty to also protect against UV damage using 100-percent mineral non-nano zinc oxide. It’s also vegan, antioxidant-rich and reef-safe, and defends against blue light and pollution.

“We think it’s the most important thing to wear your SPF every day,” says Taylor Frankel, brand cofounder. “It’s one of the most important things you can do to prevent signs of aging. This blush tint can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips for a beautiful, monochromatic look. We also have a Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval.”

BUY NOW – $30

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goop Beauty Luminous Cleansing Balm ($68)

Cleansing balms had quite the moment in 2023—so many new launches—and the momentum continues this year. This rich, silky balm is enriched with seven oils from floral extracts, including jasmine, peony, cherry blossom, neroli, lavender, damask rose, and elderflower. This allows the balm to not only effectively remove every bit of dirt, sunscreen and makeup—even the most long-wearing formulas—but also nourish the skin in a really luxurious way. 

“It’s such a pleasure to use—the way it melts into an oil and transforms into a milk, feels so good on your skin—you almost forget that it works so well,” says founder Gwyneth Paltrow. ”It’s pure magic, whether I’m taking off red-carpet makeup or sunscreen after a day at the beach.”

BUY NOW – $68

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EWC TREAT Brightening Ingrown Hair Wipes ($34.50)

We’re fans of all of European Wax Center’s ingrown hair products: the serum, the mist, and now these wipes. They are a foolproof way to get two big benefits in one quick step. Betahydroxy acid (salicylic acid) and alphahydroxy acid (glycolic acid) exfoliate the skin to unclog stubborn ingrowns and bumps. The mix of vitamin C and a powerful trio of acids—azelaic, kojic and lactic—help brighten dark spots and redness on the bikini line, armpits and anywhere else you shave or wax.

And of course, in true EWC fashion, the brand also added narcissus bulb extract to visibly slow hair regrowth between waxes.

BUY NOW – $34.50

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bareMinerals BAREPRO 24HR Wear Skin-Perfecting Matte Liquid Foundation Mineral SPF 20 ($44)

Though dewy skin is still trending, not everyone likes the glazed-doughnut look. But, if you prefer a full-coverage, matte formula, it needs to be comfortable on your skin and not drying. This new one from bareMinerals checks all the boxes and then some.

Available in 40 shades, this silicone- and oil-free foundation is the definition of makeup with skin-care benefits, which is evident when you look at the research. Clinical testing conducted by a third-party lab reveals impressive results: In just seven days, the formula evens skin tone and improves skin texture. This is thanks to its key ingredient, upcycled pomegranate peel extract, which has brightening benefits and is made from leftover pomegranate peels used in juice factories in Italy.

BUY NOW – $44

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Nakery Beauty LIFT-TOX Multi-Power Firming Rich Cream ($44)

For those with dry or dehydrated skin who are frustrated by crepiness or a lack of firmness, this fully loaded cream is the formula to try. Use it twice a day for maximum results—you only need a little bit—and enjoy not only the firming benefits, but also the hydrating and moisturizing ones that keep skin really comfy and smooth.

“The whipped, creamy texture is almost like a memory foam mattress—it’s super dense and springs back up,” says founder Liz Folce. “It doesn’t just hydrate the skin, but actually lifts it. It has so many different layers of firming ingredients. We included the plant-based plumper SepiLift, which goes deep into the skin, incredible peptides argrilene and Matrixyl 3000, and two types of collagen-boosting vitamin C. But, it’s not heavy on the skin. It gives your skin bounce and helps it stay juicy all day.”

BUY NOW – $44

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Ogee Beyond Clean Volumizing Mascara ($48)

This serum-infused mascara features a unique blend of organic cold-pressed extra virgin jojoba oil, oat-derived protein peptides and raspberry ketones to nourish and strengthen the lashes. The dark black color comes from mineral pigments, and the brush lets you achieve a fanned-out lash look.

“As the name implies, this mascara truly is beyond clean: achieving an NSF organic certification on a formula crafted with 77-percent certified organic ingredients, it’s the cleanest mascara on the market,” says Taylor Audette, director of brand marketing. “Results from a comprehensive clinical study prove that 100 percent of panelists experienced buildable volume after a single product application, demonstrating its unparalleled, high-performance efficacy.” 

BUY NOW – $48 

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PATTERN Beauty Palo Santo Styling Cream ($28) 

PATTERN fans have spoken, and founder Tracee Ellis Ross is answering. After infusing her best-selling leave-in conditioner with a rich, gorgeous Palo Santo scent as a limited-edition offering, it became a crowd favorite and fans asked for more. Now, you can get Palo Santo in other top formulas, including the Styling Cream. Formulated for curly and coily hair, it’s enriched with nourishing shea butter and sweet almond oil for extra moisture and strengthening.

“The Palo Santo scent is one of my absolute favorites, and when deciding to infuse an additional fragrance into PATTERN products, it felt like the definite choice,” says Ross. “Following the excitement of the Palo Santo Leave-In Conditioner launch, we quickly worked to expand this aromatic line to enhance more of our wildly popular products.”

 BUY NOW – $28

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Colleen Rothschild Gentle & Clear Purifying Cleanser ($38)

From the brand’s new Gentle & Clear collection for acne-prone, sensitive and reactive skin comes this new detoxifying cleanser. It’s fragrance-free, super soothing and helps keep the skin’s microbiome healthy.

“This is a very creamy, gel-like, hydrating cleanser that removes all of your makeup, dirt and debris from the day without stripping your skin. It contains antimicrobial silver and anti-inflammatory charcoal, which draws out impurities. Another key ingredient is bromelain enzymes, which act like little Pac-Men on your skin and kind of eat away any dead skin that might be left behind from dry patches or past acne. I recommend using this morning and night.”

BUY NOW – $38

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