Can You Use a Lash Serum on Your Brows?

Can You Use a Lash Serum on Your Brows? featured image
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Is using a lash serum on your brows or a brow serum on your lashes a beauty hack or a recipe for disaster?

There’s a product for everything, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve looked at your shelf of beauty and bath potions and lotions and had the thought: I can definitely use this somewhere else. Whether it was using lipstick as a blush or using conditioner when you’re out of shaving lotion, beauty is all about trying new things and using products in creative ways.

But not every seemingly clever beauty hack is actually a good use of your time and money. It’s our job to help you tell the difference, which is why we asked beauty experts if using a lash serum on your brows (or vice versa) is a good idea or a wasted effort.

More Like Sisters than Twins

The goal for both lash and brow serum is pretty much the same: growing more hair.

Asako Ito, coounder of Divine Lashes, explains that though these formulas generally share a lot of the same active ingredients, they aren’t the same. “While the ingredients for promoting hair growth can be similar, there are subtle differences,” Ito says.

While your brows and lashes are close together, the skin of the brow is significantly less sensitive. On the other hand, lash serums need to be formulated to be safe for use around the delicate area.

According to CEO and founder of Grande Cosmetics, Alicia Grande, enhancing serums like GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW were created to follow specific cycles. “Our enhancing serums were also formulated for a full three-month lash journey and four-month brow journey to sync with our bodies natural lash and brow cycle,” Grande explains. “So, if you are using one serum for both your lashes and brows, you will not reach your full lash or brow potential.”

Lash Serum:

All About Precision

The primary reason experts warn against using a lash serum for both regions has to do with the applicator.

“GrandeLASH-MD has a small, precise applicator that was designed prevent leakage and apply the right amount of product to your delicate upper lash lines,” Grande explains.

Pennsylvania dermatologist Nazanin Saedi, MD adds that it’s best to stick with products formulated for use around the eye. “I recommend sticking with lash serums that are specifically formulated and designed for the more delicate eye area,” Saedi explains.

Brow Serum:

Density Is Key

Unlike a lash serum’s thin applicator, a brow serum is likely to have a thicker wand meant to comb through your brows.

“Brow serums have a more robust applicator designed to reach the root of the hair follicle,” Ito says. “Using the wrong applicator could lead to uneven application and wasted product.”

It could also lead to hairs popping up outside of the lash line, as the applicator is so thick that an exact line can be difficult to draw.

“Our brows collect dust and dandruff throughout the day,” Grande adds. “If you are applying the same serum to both your brows and lashes, you can have potential cross-contamination which is something you don’t want especially on sensitive areas that are close to your eye.”

Another thing to consider is the many products, like the GrandeBROW 2-in-1 Tinted Gel and Serum, may also contain a pigment factor you’ll want to consider.

The Bottom Line:

Both lash serum and brow serum are formulated with a lot of the same active ingredients and are designed to do pretty much the same thing: stimulate hair. If the question is ‘will a brow serum work on my lashes and vice versa?’, the answer is yes, but with some qualifiers.

“Brow serums and eye lash serums work the same way,” explains Dr. Saedi. “Depending on the applicator, you can easily swipe your eyebrows with a lash serum and vice versa. Just remember that when you are using a product designed to stimulate hair growth, it will stimulate it on any skin it touches. So, if it’s not applied carefully, you can end up with unwanted hair in areas you might not want it.”

It all comes down to the application, and according to the experts, the potential downsides, including wasting product and the potential for cross contamination, make sticking with dedicated products a no-brainer.

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