Kate Hudson Shares Her New Year’s Resolution and How Her Wellness Routine Is ‘Always Changing’

Kate Hudson Shares Her New Year’s Resolution and How Her Wellness Routine Is ‘Always Changing’ featured image
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Many of us know Kate Hudson from her iconic early-2000s rom coms, but as of late, the 44-year-old actress has been claiming her stake in a whole new industry: wellness. With the launch of her nutritional supplement brand, InBloom, back in 2020, Hudson has worked tirelessly to make her commitment to effective, easy, accessible wellness supplements abundantly clear.

Just this week, InBloom experienced a revolutionary expansion, as they officially entered 450 Whole Foods locations worldwide. Ahead of the launch, I had the chance to meet with Kate and other industry experts and editors to chat all things InBloom and wellness, including how Kate’s own wellness routine is always evolving and even her playful new year’s resolution.

Hudson On Her Ever-Changing Wellness Routine, New Year’s Resolutions and The Wellness “Concoction” Her Mom Drank Growing Up

In an intimate setting at Spring Studios in New York, Hudson entered the space like she was an old friend, greeting all of us in a way that was kind, welcoming and real—all qualities I want in someone making my wellness supplements! After revealing to us that her outfit was one she’s recycled—”I’m in a mood of ‘I’m just going to wear all my old s**t,'” she joked—Hudson opened the discussion by providing the three words she would use to describe InBloom. “Pure, effective and yummy!” she said. “Supplements are something that need to be trusted.” Hudson’s four trustworthy supplement variations—Beauty Aura ($35), Brain Flow ($35), Essential Elements ($35) and Green Protein ($35)—take a full body, inside-out approach to supplement wellness, and all come in newly redesigned, sustainable and fully biodegradable packaging (oh, and it’s stunning, too. I display mine on my kitchen counter like decor!)

When it comes to Hudson’s personal wellness and nutrition routine, she says it’s always influx. “In terms of my nutrition routine, since I’ve been in this space and because I’m so passionate about accessing and sharing new information, it’s always changing. Constantly, constantly changing. Which is why, as a brand, we always talk about ‘where do you go next?’ I work with some of the best blood doctors who are looking at exosomes and all these crazy new things that are happening, and I love it. But, all of that doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good foundation. You still need your basic greens and your basic vitamins. You still need your D2, your D3, you need your protein.”

With such a positive approach to wellness, many of us were wondering where Hudson learned these practices from. While she explained that she came from a “Hot Pocket and Dorito,” household, she also has memories of her mother working with holisitic healers and consuming wellness drinks that inspired her passion for learning and creating in wellness. “My mother always wants to explore all the new things. When it comes to health and spirituality, I remember she had a great Chinese medicine doctor who came over one day with this enormous punch bowl with a faucet. It looked like there were like animals, twigs and mushrooms in it. It was crazy—it was this brown drink, and my mom everyday would drink this little concoction that he made, and it smelled so bad. I can’t even! I’ll never forget the smell.”

While she now maintains a holistic, well-rounded routine, one thing Hudson is looking to do more of this year is an often overlooked wellness practice: play. “I was thinking recently about what words we forget sometimes as we get older, and I think one big one is play. I was watching my little little girl on the playground, and all these kids were doing this thing on the swing, where they put their tummy down and turn a bunch of times, and then lift their legs and just spin like crazy, and I was like, ‘I want to do that.’ In my mind I was just thinking ‘why don’t we do that?’ And then I went and I did it. It was so insane, and I laughed so hard. I made every adult at the park do it. We need to play more!”

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