The Beauty Product Jane Seymour Got Malibu’s Most In-Demand Celeb Masseuse Hooked On

The Beauty Product Jane Seymour Got Malibu’s Most In-Demand Celeb Masseuse Hooked On featured image
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Jane Seymour is decidedly low-key, and proud of it. “I did my own makeup this morning! I always do my own makeup—even on movies most of the time!” A daring admission for an actress whose career spans almost 50 years, maybe, but as she stresses, she’s not in the business of keeping good beauty secrets to herself. (This is a woman who posed for Playboy at 67, admitted to plastic surgery in the past and is totally comfortable with strangers coming up to her on the street and asking to touch her skin, after all.) Her latest share: Crepe Erase, the body care system you may have seen on TV that counts Seymour as a spokesperson. We recently sat down with the star to find out why she’s backing the brand and how she’s getting all of Malibu hooked on it.

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Why I paired with the brand: “When they came to me, I was like, ‘yeah, right.’ First of all, no one wants to talk about crepey skin—especially not me—and I thought there was no way this could possibly work. But I gave it the ‘old college try,’ as they say in England. I put it on, went to my trainer to work out and she insisted I tell her what I had gotten done. She thought I had had a body peel or something, but it was all Crepe Erase. The bottom line: It worked off the bat.”

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What my beauty routine looks like: “I don’t do all those expensive things. I really don’t. I do my own makeup. I do my own skin care. I do wear eyelashes, but the individual ones. It’s a pretty simple routine. I even use the body cream on my face at night. They say, ‘not tested on animals,’ so I tested it on my daughter’s newborn baby. I slathered it on her! She was fine, so I used it. We don’t sell it like that, but it works fabulously!”

How I stay in shape: “When I have time, I do Pilates and Gyrotonics. I always have light weights going. If I spin, I’m using light weights as well. When I can’t get to the gym, I do isometrics. I’ll stand against a wall and do a squat for as long as I can. I’ve found whatever you do, do it as slowly as possible. I’m also an ex-dancer, so I think it’s incredibly important to not go and throw yourself into a boot camp or the latest trend—you’ll injure yourself. Much better to listen to your body and go slowly but surely. I also focus on my core. I had back surgery years ago and the main reason I’ve never had a problem since is because I’m pretty diligent about my posture and my core.”

My most-tested hair hacks: “I have my hair colored with Goldwell every three to four weeks. I have some gray hair, but I find that this particular hair color doesn’t destroy my hair. I’m forever trying new shampoos and conditioners but I almost always use a hair mask and sometimes a leave-in. I have very, very fine hair and it’s straight so I love Phyto Volumizing Spray.”

When I got my masseuse hooked: “I have this massage therapist who does all the famous people in Malibu and he asked me why my skin is softer than the clients he works on who are half my age. I showed him the Crepe Erase—now he’s using it on all his clients instead of massage oil!”

My beauty philosophy: “I’m an actress. I need to have my face be able to move. That’s my job. I need to be authentic. My brand in life is to be authentic. I’m not against Botox and fillers—I think they’re great if you want to do that—but I think part of the reason I’m still working all the time at 67 is because I still look like me. It’s still my face. I’m sort of ‘gently aging.’ It’s all about good skin, that’s the key to everything. I’m a bit of an artist, so I can ‘paint out’ what I don’t like with some nifty use of concealer or some contouring. Plus, I sort of like telling the world, ‘You don’t have to have a ton of money to look good.’”

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