Jane Seymour on Botox, Finding a Good Derm and Why Baby Shampoo Might Just Be the Best Beauty Hack Ever

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Jane Seymour is gearing up for summer. For the 68-year-old, it’s “family time”—a busy couple of months that includes being outside with her grandkids, traveling, and playing golf with her boys to try to improve her swing. She also has her spokesperson schedule full promoting the Crepe Erase line, which recently got a bit of a packaging makeover and the introduction of some new formulas, and we’ll soon see her on season 2 of The Kominsky Method on Netflix. We caught up with Seymour to chat about all things beauty and—spoiler alert—she wants to set the record straight on some stuff.

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You’re so involved with Crepe Erase. Have you inspired any of the brand’s new launches since partnering? 
Since I’ve been using Crepe Erase, the thing that most excites me is that it gets better and better. The product goes on smoother than ever and really goes deep into the tissue very quickly. As an experiment, I tried the Advanced Body Repair Treatment ($79) on my face. I wanted to see whether it would make any difference and what was exciting to me was I spoke to the team and asked if we could come up with something like this that is specifically for the face, because I noticed that it really plumped up my skin and had an amazing effect. And now I’m thrilled to say that we have come up with a face formula for nighttime with the Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment ($54)! I use this and when you put it on at night and it plumps up the skin on your face just as well as what we’re doing with the body cream on the neck and body. So, that’s a big one. I also love the eye capsules. I use these at night and I think they really work.

You previously said you’re ‘done with Botox’ and you are pretty vocal about “setting the record straight” about other surgeries. Any other thoughts on that?
As far as Botox is concerned, I think I’ve sometimes been misleading in my quotes, or maybe they were taken out of context, but to set the record straight, I have nothing against ANY kind of surgeries, Botox, fillers, any of the above. I think that people should do what they want to do to feel the best about themselves and, of course, all of these treatments depend enormously on the practitioner and how well they’ve been applied. In the past, indeed, I did try Botox and I think too much was injected and it didn’t work for me then. As an actress, I’m always conscious of making sure that my face does move so I do have expression. But, you know, I personally am not opposed to the practice of [a small amount of] Botox. Just enough to soften the frown, but still enable those muscles to move. So, I think if I had something to say personally, in relation to all of the above, less is more. 

Anything beauty-related you swear by?
I won’t go a day without using Crepe Erase, it’s just very easy for me; especially in terms of my body. I swear by that because I see the difference. I do like to use an SPF and I make sure that I keep my face out of the sun as much as possible, and I’m a great believer in trying to remove the dead layers of skin. So, I will sometimes use a Clarisonic brush and sometimes I’ll use an alpha retinol cream for overnight and alternate it with the Crepe Erase Night treatment. 

What are some things you carry with you all the time?
I always carry a good leave-in conditioner for my hair and a good lip gloss or lip treatment along with an under-eye concealer. I like to wear as little makeup as possible and sometimes I will use a very lightly tinted sunscreen and a concealer for special spots. I like mascara, but I don’t use waterproof anymore as I find it is damaging to my eyelashes. I love using Sisley serums when I’m feeling like I want something very, very special, which I will put on underneath my moisturizer in the day. I always love the Eve Pearl palette. I find it very useful for touchups, especially when I’m on movies and also when I’m traveling. I don’t have to worry about bottles and the consistency of the powder cream is so fine that I can put it on very minimally with moisturizer and almost look like I have no makeup on at all, or I can really put on full makeup for an HD camera. 

What’s your morning beauty routine?
I try to fast-walk for an hour to get the blood pumping and to get some exercise in. I’ll do some pilates and gyrotonics if I have time, along with some stretching. I drink a green juice in the morning with ginger, green apple, kale and celery. I also drink plenty of water and make sure that my skin is completely clean and I wash with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water to close the pores. Then, I use my serum and moisturizer and, depending whether or not I’m going out in the sun, my sunscreen. I tend to wear light makeup. Really, more than anything, trying to let the natural skin show through, but softening any kinds of dark spots or discolorations. 

What’s your evening beauty routine?
My nighttime is very similar except I don’t apply makeup (laughs). I clean my face meticulously. If there is any residue of mascara or glue from individual lashes, which I quite often wear, I will take a Q-tip and get a very dilute solution of baby shampoo and remove the excess remnants of glue and mascara from my eyelashes. 

Do you have any daily rituals?
I wash my hair and cleanse my face and body every morning. At night, I always make sure that my face and my makeup and my skin is completely clean and clear and I put on whatever night creams or eye serums that I might need. Sometimes, I put some of the Crepe Erase Anti Aging Hand Repair Treatment ($22) on and make sure that it’s really into my skin before I go to sleep at night. Overnight is a really great way to let your skin absorb the treatment.

Who are the “go-to” beauty experts you trust?
I don’t go to a nutritionist. I very rarely go to a facialist. I try to get a sports massage, a very deep tissue massage, when I can. And, in terms of dermatology, I have only consulted a dermatologist once or twice in my life and that was because my doctor wanted me to do the routine check to make sure that there were no cancers or issues. However, I have just found a dermatologist that I like a lot who has managed to take off some little skin tags and moles that I thought I’d have to live with forever, but clearly you don’t. They’re gone!

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