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Here at NewBeauty we talk a lot about keeping your hair and skin hydrated, but do you know how to tell if you’re actually suffering from dehydration? Simply put, dehydration happens when you take in less water than you eliminate. There are a few key things to look for, primarily when you sense that those areas are looking dull and lifeless. Here are two key signs that you need more hydration and what you can do to combat dryness.

Facial dryness: Most of us suffer from surface dehydration at one time or another, but other people have naturally dry skin. That said, keep in mind that even the most oily skin can become dehydrated. When the outmost protective layer of the skin is damaged, it prevents water from being held in the skin. You’ll notice this because any fine lines or wrinkles you have will look more pronounced. You may also notice some flakiness, especially if you’ve been in the sun or exposed to particularly dry air (like a home with central heating).

Dry hair: If your hair doesn’t react well to styling tools, looks frizzy and perhaps is even falling out more quickly than normal, you may be suffering from dehydrated hair. When your hair is brittle like this, it will often break, leaving the ends looking frayed.

How do you combat dehydration?

– Of course, drink more water to help your cells become more hydrated. Beyond water, consider adding more water-rich foods into your diet, like cucumbers, berries, melon and lettuce.

– Your dehydrated hair may be suffering from a lack of vitamin A, which is essential in the hair-growth cycle. Try adding some omega-3 fatty acid, protein-rich foods like salmon, tuna and walnuts. Also, try products with avocado and olive oils in the ingredients to avoid brittle hair that’s breaking.

– Last, your skin may need an infusion of hyaluronic acid through injection from fillers like Perlane and Restylane. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and attracts and stores water in it, making it plump and voluminous. Some hair products also contain hyaluronic acid in their ingredients, helping hair retain and lock-in moisture.

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