Heidi Montag Pratt Finally Opens up About Her 10 Cosmetic Procedures in One Day

Heidi Montag Pratt, the 29 year old former Hills star, made national headlines six years ago when she underwent—wait for it—a whopping ten cosmetic procedures in one day. Now, the reality star, married to Spencer Pratt since 2009, is opening up on the cover of People about her regrets about her drastic decision. 

“I was way over my head with surgeries,” Pratt tells People exclusively. “I had no idea what I was getting into or that it was a lifelong commitment. It was very challenging,” she says of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental fatigue it placed on her husband and their lives together. Further, the ex-reality star admits that it was a huge “turning point” for the two of them in a very negative way. “There was a fallout with The Hills and a lot of backlash with the things we were doing. We spent more money and it was so unnecessary. Sometimes I can’t believe I did that to us and to me. It’s been a lot to overcome.”

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But, Pratt also says that she refuses to see the process in a wholly bad light. "I don’t want to say I regret it 100 percent because I’ve tried to grow from it,” Pratt says, a nod to the breast reduction surgery she underwent in 2013 to remove her size F breast implants. “They were so heavy they were falling through the skin. It was just too heavy for my body and I was in pain and uncomfortable all the time,” adding that she kept asking herself why she needed that big of a breast size for. 

A now healthy and happy Pratt says that her priorities have shifted. “I think it’s more important not to pigeonhole yourself in past mistakes, but to learn from them and move on.”

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    This is a very timely article for a couple of reasons. First, it asks the question "how much is too much at one time, and how much is too much altogether?" There are a number of issues involved in planning multiple surgical procedures, and one of those is safety. We as surgeons MUST place the safety of our patients at the very top of the list of priorities, even above aesthetic or logistical goals, like trying to get everything done on a single vacation week from work. There is a limit to how much a person's body can tolerate at one time, and the risks of surgery go way up the longer we spend in the OR, and the more that we do at one time. A responsible surgeon will always have this discussion with his or her patients and come up with a plan to accomplish goals realistically, but safely. In addition, this case brings up the question of how far can we go before we start to make people look "done," or "fake?" I can see the pendulum swinging now toward a more natural, balanced look with cosmetic surgery. The days of the "Extreme Makeover," with multiple simultaneous procedures and excessive surgical changes are going away, I think, and thankfully so. Aesthetic surgery is a great tool. It helps many people feel better about themselves and be more effective in their lives, their work, and their relationships. But like any tool, if it's used the wrong way, or irresponsibly, we can have problems. This case presents a great example of that concept.

  • Jaim
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    How could a doctor allow a patient to do that many procedures in one day? What is the limit, if there is one?

  • El
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    She looks better--sexier, more sophisticated--after. She's a good case.

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