The FDA Just Approved Another New Noninvasive Fat Melter

In the world of noninvasive fat-fighting devices, it seems like the options, as well as the technologies that are employed, are endless. As of today, you can add another one to the list. The latest device to receive FDA-approval is UltraShape Power, which is designed to permanently destroy fat cells in the abdomen.

Using focused, pulsed ultrasound energy, UltraShape Power is said to effectively eliminate fat in the stomach area without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues, blood vessels, nerves or muscles. And apparently, it’s purported to be a pretty comfortable procedure. But in order to see results, you’ll need to go to about three 30-minute treatments every two weeks. According to the company, some patients see results after two sessions.

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"We are pleased to announce that we have received FDA-clearance for UltraShape Power in the U.S. UltraShape Power's strong market acceptance since its launch in the second quarter 2016 outside of the U.S. has been driven by its powerful non-invasive fat reduction capability, patient comfort and an emphasis on ease of use," says Amit Meridor, CEO of Syneron Candela. “UltraShape Power's increased energy provides greater efficacy and high comfort, while its advanced treatment modes allow us to treat a full abdomen in close to 30 minutes. We believe the combination of these features provides the professional market with a very strong value proposition in the arena of noninvasive fat destruction.”

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  • Peggy Bates
    Posted on

    I would be willing to be in a clinical trial!

  • Posted on

    I'm with Joshua on this one! Until I see a strong clinical track record of noticeable, lasting, results with little or no complications, I'm on the sidelines, just like I am with just about every other new technology like this that comes down the pike. The problem with our system in the US isn't with the technology itself, or need or desire to continually find innovative new ways to treat our patients - those things are good. The problem is that we let our emotions get in the way of our good sense, and we believe things just because we so badly want them to be true. If you couple this with a very overaggressive culture in our medical device industry, whereby manufacturers get a device "approved" by the FDA using a "fast track" type of approval process, like a 510 K submission, and then they aggressively market it by saying it does way more than it actually does. Unsuspecting or unscrupulous practitioners, who want to be the first kid on the block to have a new device and something new to offer their patients, then buy these devices and sell the treatments to unsuspecting patients who are dying to be the first in their book club with the new treatment and want so badly to believe the press. The problem is that more of these devices wind up collecting dust in a doctor's office or medspa than catching on, because the marketing outpaces the actual clinical research and clinical experience with results. FDA approval of any drug or device merely assures the public that the device is "safe," and "effective," those definitions can be very broad. It does nothing to assure that the results will be what the manufacturers or your doctor might promise you. My advice is always to wait a bit before jumping in head first when it comes to new technology like this so that the true clinical data and experience can develop, and we can sort the wheat from the chaff.

  • Jo
    Posted on

    NewBeauty doctors— is this the best advancement yet in terms of noninvasive fat reducers? What is your preferred noninvasive fat-fighting device?

  • Joshua T Berglan
    Posted on

    I'm calling BS and it has nothing to do with the FDA approving it! Ok maybe a little. I have stored up some fat from the winter that I would love to test with this new "Fat Melter". 90% of the devices that claim to freeze, melt or evaporate fat cells end up giving people unwanted scar tissue, disproportional abs or maxed out credit cards. I am wiling to be a test dummy for this new device and if it's legit it will work on me. If it's not, my fat cells my transfer to my thumbs.

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