Bethenny Frankel Reveals Why Her Jawline Looks SO Different

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The Real Housewives of New York star and self-made SkinnyGirl, Bethenny Frankel, has confessed to her changing look: It's not plastic surgery. It's Botox in the jawline.

She shared her secret at's 2016 Newfronts in New York, telling the crowd, “I do look different. I’ve had Botox in my jaw. You can see that my jaw has completely changed.”

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But her reason for doing it isn't vanity. Instead, it's to help with years of teeth grinding. “About three years ago, my dermatologist said to me, why don't we try injecting your jaw because it’s so tense,” she explained.

Montclair, NJ, dermatologist Jeanine B. Downie says this is one move she supports—and one she does herself. “I Botox my own jaw to decrease my TMJ. I clench and grind my teeth and this is yet another reason why this treatment is so helpful.”

“From all the tension, my jaw muscles have also gotten bulky over time, and I strongly prefer a softer jawline,” Dr. Dowine adds. “I recommend this to my patients all the time when they come in complaining about clenching their teeth or a jaw line that is too square. A rounder, softer jawline is more feminine.”

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  • Lia Marin
    Posted on

    Finally. I was not able to pin point the change. Did she also got a nose job or she is wearing the NoseSecret nose enhancers

  • Terry Manning
    Posted on

    I knew there was something different about Bethenny! I think she looks fabulous! I hope she is happy, she deserves to be...

  • Rebekah
    Posted on

    I have heard this works! Does anyone know how many units you would need in order to see similar results??

  • Tatiana
    Posted on

    It looks more like she had filler placed in what's called the pre-jowl sulcus which is the area between the where her jaw was "bulging" in the back and her chin to create a smoother jawline. Unfortunately it changed the shape of her face and the new shape makes her look alot older and less feminine. It would have been better if she placed filler into her lateral cheek to help with the hollowing to give fullness to the face without ruining her jawline which was very cute before.

  • Ali
    Posted on

    Love Bethenny. She looks incredible! My dentist recently told me that I clench during my sleep (he showed me deep cracks in my teeth!) so advised that I wear a night guard at night. But now I'm thinking Botox could easily work and would be way more convenient and comfortable. Thoughts?

  • Norma King
    Posted on

    I can relate, since I had Carotid artery surgery my tmj has become much more intense, my jawline is completely is becoming more square before surgery I had a heart shape face, no longer. You look awesome BF

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