The Thinner Thigh Treatment

Women will go to pretty much any extreme to get thighs that are firm, thin and free of cellulite. Now, thanks to a new in-office procedure that targets the thighs exclusively, you can be one step closer to the legs you’ve always wanted.

Vanquish Flex uses the same fat-melting technology as its sister treatment, Vanquish, but works to fight fatty areas on the thighs instead of the abdomen. Using radio-frequency energy to heat up deep layers of tissue, Vanquish Flex relies on a specially designed two-panel system that doesn’t directly touch the patient, which makes the treatment more comfortable.

While the results are permanent, they won’t be immediate—it can take six weeks to see them. And, one thing to keep in mind is the time commitment required: four to six sessions spaced about one week to 10 days apart.

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