Meet the New Treatment that Reduces Butt and Thigh Dimples

Meet the New Treatment that Reduces Butt and Thigh Dimples featured image

A new FDA-cleared, minimally invasive treatment is smoothing cellulite dimples around the country and Palo Alto, CA plastic surgeon David Boudreault, MD shares that he has seen great results with this patients. Avéli is designed to safely reduce the look of cellulite dimples in the buttocks and thighs long-term, and it promises a 40-60 percent reduction in the treated areas. Here, Dr. Boudreault shares how this new technology works and why it’s a great new option for those who want to treat cellulite in the easiest, most comfortable way possible.

What are the causes of cellulite?

“Cellulite is caused by a complex network of fibrous bands that connect your skin to the underlying muscle. As the skin begins to sag, these bands resist downward movement, leading to dimples seen on the skin.”

What treatments have you found work the best to treat cellulite?

“Over the years there have been many technologies that claim to treat cellulite, but my favorite treatment is Avéli. Revelle Aesthetics, who developed this technology, really took the time to understand the mechanisms of cellulite and developed a technology to help surgeons accurately treat the fibrous bands causing the dimples.”

How does Avéli work?

“The device helps surgeons eliminate the guesswork while giving them artistic control of the result they are trying to achieve. The device is a three-millimeter probe that has three main components: a reference light to help the practitioner see the path of travel of the probe under the skin; a diagnostic arm that allows the practitioner to interrogate the various bands causing the marked dimples under the skin; and a treatment arm that allows the surgeon to specifically cut the offending cord.

The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia through a three-millimeter access incision. The device is inserted into the numbed area and the practitioner uses the reference light to approach the marked dimple. Once in the precise area, the diagnostic arm is engaged, and the specific band is tested to see if the dimple is recreated. Once the responsible band is identified, the treatment arm is engaged, and the offending cords are divided until no dimpling is noted. The diagnostic arm is used to evaluate the entire area of the marked dimple and once satisfied the next marked dimple is approached in the same manner. Through a single access point, several dimples can be released.”

What results can you expect?

“Having treated cellulite for many years, I’ve come to realize that not everything we see is actually cellulite. We lump together many different issues in the buttocks and thighs as cellulite.

Other than cellulite dimples or depressions, issues with skin laxity are the most common issue seen, followed closely by irregular fat pockets under the skin. Seeing an experienced practitioner to get a proper evaluation is critical for achieving a good result in lower-body rejuvenation. I usually educate my patients that a 40-60 percent improvement in treated cellulite is a reasonable expectation.”

How often do you need to return for treatment and how long do results last?

“The treatment is considered permanent, but additional dimples can develop as the issue with laxity progresses with age. A competing technology, which also performs band release has shown greater than five-year results. Although Avéli has not been around long enough to promise long-term results, it relies on a similar approach.”

Do you typically perform this treatment on its own or combine it with others?

“This procedure can be performed by itself in the clinic or in combination with other procedures in the operating room under conscious sedation or general anesthesia. When thinking about the complex nature of lower-body rejuvenation, the best results will often require multiple treatment modalities to address laxity, focal adiposity, and volume loss. My favorite combination is VASER liposuction, Renuvion for skin tightening, fat transfer for volume loss, and Avéli for cellulite release—not necessarily in that order.”

What do you like about this treatment when compared to other cellulite treatments?

“Having used an effective competing technology for over five years, this technology addresses my biggest complaints while still performing the critical band release. The two main differences are that multiple dimple releases can be performed through a single skin incision and that each dimple can be manually identified through the diagnostic arm pulling on it below the skin. These differences are important because it give the surgeon confidence in achieving a result and minimize the bleeding and bruising seen with blind techniques.”

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