Is Your Nose Making You Look Too Young?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Many seek plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty in an effort to look younger but when it comes to noses, is there such thing as looking too young?

While some may complain of a nose that makes their face look out of balance or aged, others may find fault in a nose that makes them look too young and almost juvenile. Chicago facial plastic surgeon Dean M. Toriumi, MD, explains that if the tip of the nose is turned up with too much visible nostril on the front view, the nose can have an infantile appearance. “With younger children it is normal to see a short, upturned nose because the nose is still growing. But when it is seen on an adult (which is usually the by-product of trauma or previous surgery) it takes away from the elegance that the nose should possess,” he says. In order to reverse the effects, cartilage needs to be grafted so that the nose is pushed back down. 

A rhinoplasty revision can help if you think your nose makes you look too young. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty revision, read more here.

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