The New Rhinoplasty With a One Week Recovery Time

There's a revolution in rhinoplasty happening right now. What used to consist of a painful surgery with a pretty substantial recovery period, has drastically been reduced. While this new technique is making its way into operating rooms, it hasn't fully replaced how plastic surgeons have done rhinoplasty for years, but we hear that it may.

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Campbell, CA, plastic surgeon R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD, says, “An ultra high-frequency tool called Piezo is used to give control over how the bone is cut, shaped and moved as opposed to just fracturing, chiseling and rasping it. It’s a more delicate approach with fewer irregularities. Only the boney structure is cut, so there is less bleeding and bruising.” 

Traditional rhinoplasty is known to cause bruising and swelling that lasts up to six weeks, but this new take on the nose job purportedly results in a recovery as short as one week due to less trauma. Now, you can expect to see your new nose taking form a lot faster than normal—a major win for patients opting to undergo rhinoplasty.

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    According to research " People may feel conscious about their nose size and shape. With the availability of rhinoplasty, they develop their self-esteem with a nose that’s proportionate to the other facial features." most common reason why people undergo plastic surgery is that they would like to regain the confidence in their life.

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