When The Tip Of Your Nose Is Too Full

A full nose tip occurs when the tip is larger and has less definition, somewhat rounded in appearance, in some cases looking bulbous. This can be due to the shape of the underlying structure or just thick skin. Regardless of the cause, a full tip looks bottom-heavy and draws attention away from the eyes.

To refine the tip of the nose, the cartilage is narrowed. These days, rhinoplasty relies less on removing cartilage and more on strengthening the existing cartilage or adding additional cartilage for support in order to improve definition.

Tip rhinoplasty is among the most technically difficult for a surgeon to perform. After changing the framework of the nose, the skin may or may not take the new shape, making it hard to anticipate the final result. Be sure to visit a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who can show you examples of his previous patients who had a similar surgery to the one you're considering.

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