Two Ways To Better A Bumpy Nose

Nasal bumps occur when there is an uneven amount of cartilage, causing part of the bridge to be higher than the rest. A bump prevents a smooth transition from one part of the nose to another, often making the nose look like it starts wherever the bump is, which is often halfway down the nose.

With traditional rhinoplasty, cartilage and/or bone can be removed or added surgically in order to improve the appearance of the bump, and unless the bump is very small, bones need to be broken. The surgery lowers the part of the bridge with the bump while leaving strong support behind. However, surgery isn't the only option.

To fix a bump, injectables can act much like spackle. The depressions surrounding the bump can be filled in to create the illusion of a more even profile. Keep in mind, though, that using injectables to hide a bump means making a larger nose, so this is only useful when a little volume can enhance your appearance.

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