Are These 6 Big Trends the Next Generation of Aesthetics?

Are These 6 Big Trends the Next Generation of Aesthetics? featured image
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Last September, Galderma hosted an exclusive event in Miami, gathering 36 influential figures from the aesthetic world to delve into the latest trends shaping the industry. As a participant, I had the privilege of immersing myself in a two-day experience centered around the recently released NEXT by Galderma report. NEXT was created from research commissioned by Galderma in collaboration with leading trend forecasting agency WGSN.

“Not only did we collaborate with a trend forecasting agency, we also did KOL interviews all over the world,” said Galderma SVP & head of global product strategy Gerry Muhle at the event. “We did quantitative and qualitative research to back up everything that we’re seeing in the trend forecasting results. The idea is to build a compendium that will continue to inspire what trends are coming in the future.”

During our time together, we split up into small groups made up of influencers, aesthetic physicians and journalists. Together we explored various rooms to discuss the trends Galderma has identified as poised to redefine beauty standards. Here’s what they’ve uncovered.

Proactive Beauty

The first trend, Proactive Beauty, shows a paradigm shift towards prevention rather than correction in aesthetic treatments. With an emphasis on ‘prejuvenation,’ Galderma’s research shows consumers are increasingly seeking interventions to stave off visible signs of aging before they appear. This reflects a growing societal focus on maintaining a youthful look, driven largely in part by social media.

Mindful Aesthetics

This trend embodies a movement towards sustainability, ethics and transparency in aesthetic products and procedures. The report found that more and more consumers are gravitating towards environmentally friendly options that align with their ethical values. This trend mirrors the shift towards mindful consumption and wellness, shown by the rising demand for organic and sustainable beauty. According to the report, we can expect to see advancements in tissue engineering and sustainable packaging as the industry responds to consumer preferences.

Fast Aesthetics 

The Fast Aesthetic trend reflects the modern viral moments and the desire for novelty in beauty. While the fashion world has long been characterized by rapid shifts in style, aesthetics is now experiencing a similar phenomenon. Think of the “BBLs” of 2016 now becoming “BBL reversals” to the recent surge of buccal fat removal. The novelty and excitement of an aesthetic look can drive demand for quick-fix aesthetic solutions that provide instant gratification. 

Beauty Fandom

This celebrates the rise of niche idolization, fueled by digital communities and social media platforms like TikTok. From emulating cultural icons to digital filters and anime characters (think Barbie Nose and Fairy ear surgery), there’s a growing desire for metamorphosis. It raises ethical questions for practitioners, navigating the balance between fulfilling consumer requests and maintaining ethical standards. Expect future advancements in prosthetics and AI-driven treatments to cater to extreme transformation requests while managing patient expectations.


Expressionality embodies self-expression and identity enhancement, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness through fashion, styling and aesthetic treatments. It signifies a departure from conventional beauty standards, with patients seeking personalized treatments to reflect their true selves. Gender fluidity and the ‘Zoom boom’ drive this trend, prompting people to explore and redefine their identities. Expect a shift towards individualized consultations and a wider range of body treatment options to accommodate diverse beauty goals.

Cancelling Age

This trend challenges traditional age boundaries, prioritizing beauty preservation over anti-aging efforts. Consumers reject societal expectations of aging, opting instead to express ageless attitudes through aesthetic treatments. With a focus on looking healthy rather than young, patients seek holistic approaches to aging, incorporating lifestyle choices and advanced technologies. Expect advancements in stem cell research and DNA editing to support longer, healthier lives, while terminology shifts towards pro-aging and age management, reflecting a more inclusive approach to aging gracefully.

These trends offer a window into the dynamic evolution of aesthetics and we were honored to be a part of the experience in talking through and exploring their impact. Galderma’s NEXT report grants us a peek into the future and from our vantage point the future looks bright.

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