All the Reasons the Facial ‘Finessement’ and Harmonizing Are Currently Trending

All the Reasons the Facial ‘Finessement’ and Harmonizing Are Currently Trending featured image
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Campbell, CA dermatologist Amelia K. Hausauer, MD may specialize in aesthetic treatments but even she doesn’t like “chasing wrinkles and lines.” Read on to hear her expert take on what’s trending, what’s changed and how the virtual era had a big part in it all.

What is facial precision harmonizing?

“Precision harmonizing is the concept of looking at features together, as they balance one against another and working to optimize the proportions in order to bring the face or body into alignment. Nuance and attention to detail can be subtle yet still dramatically transformative and all the while respecting each person’s unique beauty. I rely heavily on injectables such as neuromodulators and fillers as well as elements of regenerative medicine to create structure rather than chasing lines or hyper focusing on one feature. The right foundation restores tissue and allows it to sit in the most natural and appropriate place rather than distorting or over inflating. As a former professional ballet dancer, I believe that the sum is always greater than the parts, a philosophy that informs every treatment plan I create.”

In your opinion, are patients starting to understand that “small tweaks can make a big difference?”

“Most definitely! I call this ‘finessement,’ where cumulative, precise micro-adjustments become deeply impactful, yet so refined that it is impossible to put your finger on what exactly was done without having prior knowledge. My practice is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and in this virtual era, where patients are constantly on camera as well as being seen in real life, the concept really resonates.”

What are some of the most popular procedures you’ve performed this past year?

“In the office, I always performing full-face finessement treatments where we sprinkle small amounts of product in many locations to balance features and restore volume where lost or build where there may not have been some. There has also been attention to some special areas: contouring to the jawline and chin with combination neuromodulator and filler; treatment of temples and cheeks to better frame the eyes which have been so heavily on display with masks; and platelet rich plasma injections to stimulate hair growth, which has increased exponentially in the COVID era from increased physical and emotional stress.”

Regarding the above, have you seen a shift in what patients are interested in having done?

“I have seen a shift away from chasing wrinkles and folds to creating appropriate structure—think of it like a scaffold that allows the tissue to drape more beautifully. Our faces are supposed to have curves, indentations and hallows. Getting rid of these junctions can give an overdone appearance but softening and enhancing them based on a deep understanding of anatomy has become more and more popular among my patients. This has never been more true than at the lower face, which is definitely getting due. There has been more and more focus on this area which has often been considered off-label for treatment. We now have new technologies and better ways to combine therapies that improve the jawline, mouth region and neck without undergoing surgery.”

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