Erin Andrews Explains the Benefits of Taking a Shot of Olive Oil Every Morning

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Nick Kova

She’s back on the NFL sidelines again this fall, can lay claim to an Emmy nomination, has the not-so-side gig of founding female-fueled, licensed-apparel line WEAR, and, in between, Erin Andrews just became the skin-care and wellness guru we didn’t know we needed.

Model Moves: “I was reading an article where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared what she did with her acne-prone skin, and I literally copied her entire regimen. I don’t necessarily have bad skin, but I wear a lot of makeup a lot of times, and it’s on my face all-day long. I go from being on the field to being on the plane and I don’t always get to wipe it off right away. So, I adopted her skin-care regimen and it really helped my face a lot. I love iS Clinical’s iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex and it’s easy for me to throw a travel bottle in my bag. Then, I went nuts with their serums because Rosie recommended them. I also like their Youth Eye Cream.”

Pad Patrol: “I’m obsessed with ZO Skin Health Complexion Renewal Pads—they remind me of the back-in-the-day Stridex pads. They’re major! I travel with those on the road because they feel like a good follow-up after you wash your face.”

Luxe Rotation: “I have gotten into Augustinus Bader products. The cleanser is insane. I use that on my face at night and then I use the Rich Cream on my neck and chest because, obviously, that’s where we age the most. Their body cream is insane. I’m very much like, ‘Listen, I’m going to be luxurious right now and give my skin a minute.’”

C Suite: “I finally got on board with the whole vitamin C thing. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic…all I can say is, Oh my God! It gets all the little pigmentations and I’m obsessed with it. It’s really good.”

Match Stick: “I’d like to say that I wore less makeup last year, but we were back in front of the camera even with COVID happening, we were just doing it from home. We’re very lucky that our hair and makeup team could still safely come to us. Nudestix was a big one for me if my glam girl wasn’t around and especially for all these Zooms. I just can’t do my eyes; I suck at my eyes. Someone should give me a coloring book and say, ‘One goes here, two goes here.’ But Nudestix are foolproof—you can throw them on your eyelid and use your finger and spread it out. I’m really into them. A Charlotte Tilbury palette is also always so good for me because all the colors are there and I know they will work on camera. I know if I’m by myself, I can handle it.”

Light Up: “A girlfriend of mine, Jamie Greenberg, came up with Blighlighter, which is awesome. It’s a cream-blush highlighter, and she’s got a bunch of different shades, and you can even throw them on your eyes. I’m actually wearing it right now because I had to be on a Zoom early this morning. Besides that, a good light for Zoom is my go-to secret. My Zoom setup is hysterical. There are cords everywhere and it still hasn’t changed over the year, but a good light really does help if you if you have to do a Zoom and you look like hell.’”

 Nick Kova

Hydration Station: “I learned just drinking as much water as possible, and getting those electrolytes in, is key. I’m really into the Vital Proteins Collagen. They have travel packs now, and I throw that in my coffee every day. Vitamins are huge for me. I’ve been really open about it; I’m going through my seventh IVF cycle right now and my girlfriend was saying to me the other day, ‘Dude, you are crazy with your vitamins.’ I’m like, ‘You have to be through this whole fertility process,’ but we should be doing it regardless—we spend so much money on our hair and our skin, why are we not putting good shit in our bodies, vitamin-wise. I’m big on doing the vitamin D, especially now with me traveling again and there’s so much that you could pick up. I want to keep my immune system going.”

Oil Pull: “Right now, I’m taking a shot of olive oil every day. I had an osteopath/healer come visit me this summer. She has a company called Saint Supply, it’s on Instagram. I do a shot of olive oil every single day, and the whole thing behind it is taking care of your insides, as well as your outsides. It’s all based on the Mediterranean diet. My dad had a heart attack a year-and-a-half ago and it’s really supposed to help on cholesterol numbers, cutting into people that have pre-diabetes, it helps with your heart health, it helps with your skin. Since I am going through IVF again, I’m focusing on the good fats and the good oils for you with these Mediterranean diets. A shot of olive oil is totally going to do that for you. It’s great.

You don’t shoot it like you would with a beverage or something like that, you sip it. There’s a cool, peppery smell and taste to it. I am all in on this thing—you would think I was a founder of it! I’m not, but I am obsessed with it. It’s supercharged with all these antioxidants and it’s from ancient olive groves in Greece. I bought it for all my girlfriends this summer. I’m fully in! Even my husband, who’s a retired athlete said, ‘I wish I had taken this while I was playing,’ because they deal with inflammation all the time and we’re dealing with inflammation all the time. I love it. I think it’s really cool.”

Fitness Fanatic: “The creator of it, Vicki, recommends meditating in the morning and then taking a shot of the olive oil. Now, a lot of times, I get up and get to that Zoom, so I can’t always meditate right in the morning, but I am a big workout person. I always try to work out no matter where I am, but I have been trying more to take a minute, breathe and recognize that I’m anxious or I’m stressed out. I’ve been dealing with a lot with, like I mentioned, fertility, recently. I’ve been going to the Peloton app and doing their practices; I enjoy it so much—you sit there and you’re breathing and I literally said, ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to be breathing from my stomach. Who knew?’ Your stomach is supposed to rise and fall. I didn’t know that. I actually really look forward to it now.”

On the Field: “Everything was so weird and up in the air last year, and I realize we may be facing kind of the same situation this year with the numbers and everything like that, but I think that having sports back is so good for everyone. Even if you aren’t a football fan, it’s just a bit of normalcy that we all need and I like being part of that. I mean, we had had coaches and players thanking us for being there and putting the games on the air and busting our asses when there wasn’t even like a vaccine. We were trying really hard to get it done and stay healthy. There’s a reason why we all turn to sports when the world around us is going through adversity; I think it heals a lot and I think it brings people together—it brings families together. It’s just cool to be a part of that.”

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