Ellie Thumann on Her New Beauty Creation and How Fame Has Shifted Her Perspective

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Ellie Thumann x Beaubble

Ellie Thumann was ahead of the curve when it comes to “influencing.” Thumann became a YouTube star as a teenager and has since amassed over two million followers. Now, at the age of 20, she continues to create videos along with Instagram content and a beauty line. She previously developed two products with Beaubble, and now she’s adding a third—the Multi-stick ($25). Thumann shares with us who her beauty icon is, how being famous young has influenced her perspective and how she recruited her fans to help create her newest product.

What makes this  Multi-Stick special? Where do you apply it?

“What I really love about it is it’s able to be used for more than just your traditional blush, and you’re able to use it really anywhere you want and also build upon it. You can put it on your lips, you can put it on your eyelids, on your cheeks, and also add other products on top of it if you want to. It’s very much like a base where you can really add whatever you want. I think that’s definitely what makes it stand out.”

What inspired you to create makeup products? What drew you to Beaubble specifically?

“I feel like I’ve always struggled when going to the store finding the no-makeup-makeup products, but I’ve always kind of been drawn to [that]. I definitely like more minimal makeup, and it’s hard to experiment going to the store with what products are going to fit for you. So, being given the opportunity with Beaubble to make my own, exactly what I would want to go into a store and buy and really be able to create was just really exciting and to venture into something new. I’ve never created a product before, so it was really exciting to try and make something that I would go into a store and want.

What drew me to Beaubble was the fact that I was able to be so involved in the whole process and really have a voice with it and understand how these products were coming together. Then I was also able to have people that watch my videos, [my] supporters, be product testers, so they were sent samples ahead of time before the final product came out. I was able to have meetings with them, and they were able to say what they think could be improved upon, what they liked, what could be a little bit different. So when it came out, they were able to be a huge part of creating the final format for all of the products. That was one of the parts that really intrigued me. It was a whole process that they were able to be involved with.”

How do you think modeling has shaped your look, from makeup to fashion style?

“I definitely think growing up doing different photoshoots and jobs and being a part of that has made me figure out my personal style and the way that I do my makeup because I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing different makeup artists and stylists and try on different outfits that through that process I was able to figure out what I really like while also being able to experiment. I got to try different kinds of makeup and different kinds of fashion and create an eye for it where I feel like I really love both fashion and beauty now and know the areas that I really enjoy with it.”

How do you think growing up in the public eye has altered your perspective of the world?

“I definitely think it’s changed my perspective a lot. I think growing up, you look at different people that are in the public eye and think that their life is super cool and perfect and that there’s nothing to struggle with. I don’t look at myself as this public figure necessarily, but I have people that message me saying, ‘Wow, your life looks perfect. I wish my life was like that.’ It definitely gave [me] perspective that having this public audience watching your life doesn’t just mean happiness. I think it’s more about some of the people in your life and how you treat others, how you treat yourself and some of the stuff that you’re not showing out to the world that really makes you a lot more happy than the stuff you are showing.”

Do you have a beauty icon?

“I think Zendaya is one that I’ve always looked at, like a lot of people. She just has such an effortless look to her always, and it has that perfect no-makeup stuff, which is always glowy and dewy and just like very natural. I feel like that’s someone that I definitely get a lot of inspiration from.”

What are some beauty products you couldn’t live without?

“I definitely think my collection products are the ones that I’m constantly throwing in my bag because they’re super easy to apply and especially when I’m really busy and don’t have time for a lot of time to do my makeup. I love using the Lip Plumping Oil ($23) because it’s super easy to put on, you just throw it in your bag, and you don’t have to have a full face. The Multi-stick and then the Priming and Setting Mist ($27).

On top of that, I love micellar water—that goes everywhere with me—and also Aquaphor. Those two are my favorite beauty products, I would say, and have been for quite some time.”

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