18 Claw Clip Hairstyles to File Away for Low-Maintenance Mornings

18 Claw Clip Hairstyles to File Away for Low-Maintenance Mornings featured image
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Claw clips are the nineties hair trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Their popularity isn’t a mystery. They are one of the few beauty trends that check both practical and stylish. Aside from their casual sophistication, they are also incredibly easy to use. Regardless of skill level, claw clips can pin your hair back in thirty seconds or less.

Claw clips are commonly used to create messy French twists or tie back buns, but they can do much more than that. To inspire trying something new, our beauty team gathered 16 simple claw clip hairstyles that anyone can recreate.

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Butterfly Claw Clip Relaxed Half Up Half Down 

The half up half down hairstyle is a claw clip classic, but this version offers a romantic twist. Instead of tightly pinning each side below the crown, loosely gather pieces and pin at the base of the neck. For an added feminine touch, secure with a floral or heart-shaped clip like the Emi Jay Midi Super Bloom Clip ($12). 

Instagram: emijayinc
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Claw Clip Bun 

Pinning a ponytail is the most common way to wear a claw clip, but claw clips can be worn with all sorts of hairstyles. One style is the low bun, as evidenced in the photo. Start by securing your hair in a low ponytail with an elastic. Then, pull the ponytail up the center of the back of your head and clamp a claw clip right over the elastic. Then, wrap the remainder of the ponytail around the claw clip and reclamp the ends. Pin stray strands where necessary.

claw clip bun
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Slicked Back Claw Clip Bun 

One of the draws of wearing a claw clip is a sophisticated hairstyle in less than five minutes. Kaia Gerber makes a case for wearing right out of the shower. Keep a wide tooth comb handy like The Crown Affair The Comb No. 001 ($42) to help keep unwanted bumps and flyaways at bay.

claw clip updo
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/ Getty Images
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Claw Clip Curly Poof 

Calling all curly girls: time to add this slicked back puff to your hair-spo board. Use a teasing comb and gel, our beauty team loves Eco Style Professional Styling Gel ($5), to tamp down the front pieces. Then, use a smaller clip like the Machete Mini Claw ($17) secure the gelled pieces, and poof up the curly ends.  

IG: shopmachete
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The Wet Look Claw Clip Bun

Bella Hadid and her sister, Gigi, are famous for their off-duty model looks. Their claw clip hairstyles always manage to look sophisticated yet laid back. Take Hadid’s slicked back style pictured above. Instead of letting tendrils fall in the front, she keeps everything tightly pulled back. File this look away for mornings when you sleep past your alarm.

wet look claw clip
Arnold Jerocki/GC Images/ Getty Images
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The Quintessential ‘90s Claw Clip Look 

Claw clips may have ruled the nineties, but Jennifer Aniston’s, or more accurately Rachel Green’s, hair shared the crown. From her namesake hairdo to the extra long strands she wore in season six, Aniston’s time on Friends is a treasure trove of hairstyle inspiration. Her iconic claw clip looks still regularly go viral today. 

90s claw clip
Alice S. Hall/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images
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Claw Clip as an Accessory

Perhaps the most unorthodox way to wear a claw clip is to wear it…literally. Kaley Cuoco spices up her outfit by using a mini claw clip as a charm to her bag strap. This not only keeps the clip on hand for an impromptu hair emergency, but it also adds a sweet detail to your crossbody. To get the look, try the Emi Jay Sweetheart Clip ($34).

claw clip accessory
PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/ Getty Images
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Laid Back Updo Claw Clip

Those with long locks can feel excluded from the claw clip club, but never fear, even waist length strands can take part in the trend. The Mermade Hair Octopus Clip XXL Size Claw Clip ($10) is specifically designed to provide extra hold to full heads of hair. Simply fold your mane a few times over to recreate Kylie Jenner’s casual updo.  

causal claw clip
Gotham/GC Images/ Getty Images
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Curled Half Up Half Down Claw Clip 

This look offers another, more romantic take on the half up half down hairstyle. Start with a loose curl throughout your mane. Gather equal amounts of hair on both sides of your head and gather into a small bun with the excess hair pointed down. Then, use a claw clip to cover the elastic.

IG: lucyyyraine
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Cascading Curls Claw Clip 

Instead of pinning all of your hair up with a claw clip, this style makes a strong case for flipping that style upside down, especially if you have a curly or coily texture. The Teleties Large Claw Clip ($15) is designed to hold all textures of hair. The flexible teeth grip onto strands for comfortable and long lasting wear. 

IG: tele_ties
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Hidden Claw Clip Hack 

Claw clips come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and they can be used as a way to accessorize various hairstyles. However, they can also be purely utilitarian. The style here is a low bun that would typically take a bunch of pins. The Dooup Hair Clip ($36) is small enough to be concealed by the rest of your hair, but it is still sturdy enough to hold up your style. 

hidden claw clip
Mint Images / Getty Images
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Tight Top Knot Claw Clip 

Claw clips generally create loose updos, but they can also be used in more polished styles. If you have a small or medium sized clip, you can pin back tight top knots. This works best for thinner or finer hair textures.

IG: @ellaswelfer via @crownaffair
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Loose Tendrils Claw Clip 

If tight or slicked back looks do not reflect your personal style, take the Sofia Richie-Grainge approach. She strategically leaves out front facing money pieces. To mimic her look, use a one inch curling iron to give these strands a loose wave.

loose tendrils claw clip
MEGA/GC Images/ Getty Images
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Half Up Half Down Claw Clip Pigtails 

If you have had a hard time securing a half up half down hairstyle with a single claw clip, try adding another one. Two smaller clips not only add an unexpected twist to a classic hairstyle, but they also keep each side more secure.

IG: shopmachete
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Pancake Braided Claw Clip 

The longer your hair grows, the harder it can be to secure. Braiding your hair beforehand keeps all the strands together. Before pinning, secure your hair in a ponytail and then braid the ponytail. For a messy look, pull on the sides of the braid to create a fuller look. Finally, fold the braid in half and then pin a claw clip over the elastic.

IG: @torielynnbliss & @torie.bliss
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Voluminous Curls Claw Clip 

This particular style works great for curly textures, but it can work for any hair type. Start with a strong middle part. Then, gel down the front sections with a teasing comb like the Cantu Narrow Wood Updo Bristle Brush ($4). Secure half of your hair with an elastic and then clamp a small claw clip at the base of that elastic. This will add natural-looking body to your mane. 

IG: @kinkistry
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Messy Updo Claw Clip 

Kate Hudson’s effortless beauty has sparked #hairenvy ever since How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days premiered. Her inspo photos from the nineties are exactly what you need when stuck in a hairstyle rut. Her perfectly messy claw clip ‘do looks just as good courtside as it does in downtown on a Saturday night.

messy claw clip
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Curly Half Up Half Down Claw Clip

Speaking of nineties inspo, Uma Thurman’s easy breezy curls are just as easy to recreate. Simply separate the top half of your mane from the bottom and secure with a claw clip. The Chunks Checker Claw Clip ($18) not only comes in a chic pattern, but it also super easy to clip in.

 curly half up half down claw clip
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How do you style hair with a claw clip?

A claw clip can be used to style your hair in a variety of ways. From ponytails to tight buns, a claw clip can create it all. The list above details sixteen different hairstyles that are possible with a claw clip.

Claw clips can create a variety of hairstyles, but one of the most common styles is a looser, more casual take on a French twist. This can be achieved by gathering the hair in a low ponytail and then twisting. Fold the twisted ponytail over and then clamp a claw clip over top.

How do you wear little claw clips?

Smaller claw clips can’t hold back an entire head of hair, but they can be used to secure buns or twists. They can also be used to accessorize playful styles.

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