From Flab to Fab: The Treatments That Help Reshape Your Body After Ozempic

From Flab to Fab: The Treatments That Help Reshape Your Body After Ozempic featured image
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As the world of aesthetics continues to evolve, achieving your ideal physique is a journey that often requires a combination of determination, commitment and innovative treatments / technologies. One such transformative pairing that has been gaining attention is the use of weight-loss medications like Ozempic or Mounjaro (also known as semaglutide and tirzepatide) alongside noninvasive treatments like Cutera’s truBody® technologies for body contouring and sculpting. New York plastic surgeon David Shafer, MD says the incredible synergy between these treatment modalities can help you sculpt your body like never before.

Weight Loss Medications: A Modern-Day Game-Changer

Dr. Shafer explains that Ozempic and Mounjaro, GLP-1 receptor agonists, facilitate rapid weight loss through a unique mechanism. Unlike traditional “diet drugs” that accelerate metabolism, these drugs work by reducing gastric emptying, leading to a quicker sensation of fullness and, subsequently, reduced caloric intake. Additionally, it curbs cravings, making it easier for individuals to resist the allure of indulgent foods.

“There is also a secondary effect which happens centrally where patients lose cravings such as for chocolate or alcohol,” he explains. “Personally, I totally lost my craving for French fries because the starches made me feel full before other types of food, but also because I lost my desire for greasy food. For the first time in my life, I started craving healthy food. With healthier eating habits, you lose weight quickly both externally in the subcutaneous areas but also the peritoneal in intra-abdominal fat which is often difficult to lose and not treatable by any devices or surgeries.”

truBody: Sculpting Your Ideal Physique

While weight-loss medications have been instrumental in helping people shed excess pounds, patients undergoing rapid weight loss may have unique body-contouring needs. This is where truBody comes into play. Dr. Shafer highlights that even with weight loss, certain areas like the flanks or abdomen may require additional attention.

truBody steps in to elevate results beyond what weight loss alone can achieve. truBody can optimize weight loss results by combining two proven technologies: fat reduction with truSculpt and muscle toning and strengthening with truFlex. truBody is designed to utilize combination therapy to enhance your body’s physique, enhancing its overall appearance. It can effectively addresses stubborn areas, giving patients a more sculpted physique. It’s the perfect complement to the effects of weight-loss medications and is completely customizable to each patients’ individual needs.

“Even with weight loss there are troublesome areas such as flanks or abdomen which need an extra push. This is true with any diet plan. That’s where the body contouring comes in to take the results to the next level and achieve what isn’t possible with just losing weight. With truBody, the patients are strengthening and toning muscle as well as targeting resistant fat pockets and getting leaner.”

The Power of Synergy

When patients use Ozempic or Mounjaro with truBody simultaneously, Dr. Shafer says the results are not only quicker but also significantly enhanced. This powerful combination allows individuals to sculpt their bodies while shedding unwanted pounds, resulting in a more transformative outcome.

“Each patient needs to be assessed as an individual since each person is different. There are many common concerns such as abdominal area, flanks, butt, thighs, arms, but the specific protocol needs to be customized to the patient,” he recommends.

Frequency and Maintenance

Patients often wonder how many sessions are needed initially and what post-treatment maintenance should look like. According to Dr. Shafer, each patient should be treated as an individual based on their medical history, health, and body shaping goals. Typical patients can benefit from the truBody Trim & Tone protocol of 1 truSculpt and 4-6 truFlex treatments. However, since truBody is completely personalized, after your assessment, your provider will custom tailor an ideal protocol so you can achieve the best results.

Start Early for Optimal Results

Finally, Dr. Shafer adds that undergoing weight-loss medications and truBody treatments concurrently, rather than waiting until you reach your goal weight, can lead to the best and fastest results. “Pairing semaglutide treatments with treatments like truBody has offered an added benefit with sculpting the tissue and strengthening the underlying muscle tone. It’s amazing to see complete body transformations over weeks and months as we see patients back for their treatments and follow-up appointments in our metabolic center.”

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