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You Say Tomato, We Say Youthful Skin

Lycopene, found in abundance in tomatoes, is such a powerfully protective antioxidant, we're surprised there aren't more tomato-centric skincare products. But even if there were...

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Mascara With Mouthwatering Color

Most mascaras get their color from iron oxides, common chemical pigments that are used in everything from ceramic glazing to MRIs. Although they aren't harmful, cosmetic-grade i...

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Organic Body Creams For Kids

Have you ever noticed that moisturizing takes a big pause during childhood? As babies, our parents slather lotion all over our little bodies, and as teens or adults, we pick up ...

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A Wholesome Way To Wash

Considering harsh detergents and typical lather-producing chemicals are absent from 100% Pure's organic cranberry facial cleansing foam, you may wonder where exactly said foam i...

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Literally Juicy Lip Color

Lip gloss has become increasingly scientific, with lots of tongue-twisting, lab-born ingredients that deliver color, shine and plumpness. But 100% Pure is proving that you can g...

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Is There Anything Chocolate Can’T Do?

It seems every time I read the news, there's some new health miracle attributed to chocolate. Apparently, it might help prevent cancer, ward off heart disease and lower blood pr...

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