Adele Removes Her Signature Cat's-Eye, Posts Multiple Makeup-Free Selfies

We’re just going to put it out there: Adele gets us. Sure she’s practically reading our minds with every lyric she writes, but nowhere is she more relatable than on her social media.

Like this Tweet:

We feel the exact same way about working out.

And eating burritos. 

In her latest display of just being real, the songstress goes makeup-free in a series of Instagram posts.

First she is seen removing her signature cat's-eye before staring straight into the camera for a full-face makeup-free selfie. “So gorgeous!” her fans say. We agree.

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A photo posted by @adele on

A photo posted by @adele on

It turns out the singer is battling a pretty bad cold while on tour in Arizona. We have to say, there's nothing worse than wearing a full face of makeup when you're feeling that sick. Feel better soon, Adele!

A video posted by @adele on