Khloé Kardashian Addresses Those Plastic Surgery Rumors

There’s no denying that Khloé Kardashian has recently transformed her look, head to toe. And in true Khloé fashion, she’s not keeping it hush-hush.

Living in the public eye, Khloé has to deal with the backlash that comes with the change, which means stories that are flooded with tales of plastic surgery. “People say I’ve had my butt done or I’ve had liposuction. When I hear that I have fake body parts it frustrates me, but I also take it as a compliment. I bust my ass every day, so I get annoyed when people say I’ve had liposuction and my hard work gets discredited. Yet
 on the other hand, I take it as 
a compliment because it’s like 
I look that good that my butt looks fake,” she says.

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In fact, the self-proclaimed Botox virgin says she doesn’t have an issue with plastic surgery or fillers for that matter. “I haven’t done Botox or anything like that yet, but I have no problem doing it. If I need filler, and when I do, because one day I will, I’m going to get it. But until then, I’ll do whatever I can to prevent wrinkles and aging.”

To preserve her looks, Khloé’s anti-aging routine weighs heavy in the facial oil department. “I’m like a creature of habit; I like what I like. I know that oils seem really heavy for your face, but they’re not. I noticed such a change in my skin and its elasticity, especially on my forehead.”

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One beauty treatment she perks up about is lasers. “I love lasers and I do a ton of them on my face; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I do them more for discoloration, but they do tighten, too. I’ve also done CoolSculpting and treatments for the stretch marks on my butt. I’m a huge fan of lasers and I love them.”

For more of Khloé’s beauty secrets, pick up the new issue of NewBeauty on newsstands January 5.

  • bbdoll
    Posted on

    You look fantastic, Khloe ... But, c'mon. PLEASE, be honest, as there are tons of young women looking to you for inspiration. You (and we!) all know you've had some help with your butt. (And, there's nothing wrong with that!) My uncle, and two of my good friends - all plastic surgeons - concur. Honesty would go a long way, along with the obvious work you're putting in. Your honesty could go a long way to de-mystifying plastic surgery, and to help ALL women to stop being ashamed of utilizing whatever help they may want - or need? - to get the bodies they want and deserve. :) Let's FINALLY be honest, ladies! Especially if you're in the celebrity spotlight.

  • Della Fleming
    Posted on

    If it makes her happy then by all means. as long as she is true to herself and fans Idc. God bless beautiful

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