Detoxification And Dehydration

Getting a detox treatment at the spa? Experts recommend drinking plenty of water in order to combat detoxification's potentially dehydrating effect.

However, you should wait at least 30 minutes after drinking water to eat a meal, and wait an hour after eating before drinking more.

Drinking water with food dilutes the acidic digestive juices and is counter productive to nutrition. This is especially important to remember after a spa treatment, so the body continues to function efficiently and effectively.

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    It is very important to keep the lower levels of the skin hydrated, and drinking fluids is one of the most effective ways to do this. In my understanding, it is good to add either lemon or cranberry juice to your water for a more substantial hydration that will “stick” and not just flush out nutrients. No matter what, the water should taste good on your pallet, so you not only look forward to drinking it but it will work better in your system. Lemon is a great additive, because it is alkaline and an alkaline body is a healthy body. Some studies of “Modern Diets” and nutrition suggest increasing metabolic capacity. High water consumption for some can be a metabolic depletor. The article says, “drinking water with food dilutes the acidic digestive juices and is counter productive to nutrition.” This is correct. For certain body types, drinking a little wine with a meal can help stimulate the acidic juices for the digestion of meats, but, overall, it is better to drink 30 minutes prior to eating and an hour after food consumption to keep digestion efficiency at its peak.

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