This One Food Group Makes Kristen Bell Break Out In Eczema

Photo Credits: VALERIE MACON / Contributor/ Getty Images

If you’ve ever suffered from eczema, you probably have a good idea of what causes it to flare up and what might make it worse. For me, my eczema always starts to develop during the fall, when the temperatures start to drop and my skin gets drier and loses moisture. For Kristen Bell, her eczema shows up after she’s indulged in sugar.

While sitting down with Tim Kash on the set of The IMDb Show, Bell opened up about her allergy to sugar. Kash asked Bell about the accuracy of a previous quote included on Bell’s IMDB page, which said that Bell “has dessert after every meal, even breakfast.” Bell laughed and noted that although the quote was accurate before she turned 35, she’s slowly realized that she might actually have a sugar allergy and eating dessert all the time became less enticing.

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When she eats sugary foods, Bell begins to notice a breakout the next morning. “When I eat a bowl of ice cream or something…I call them ‘the sugar shakes,’ because…all night…I’m like trying to metabolize it out or I’m itching and wake up and am like, ‘Oh cool! A really sexy patch of eczema!’”

Skipping out on sugar sounds tough, and I give major props to Bell for cutting out the most delicious food group there is. But itch-free, healthy skin? There’s nothing sweeter than that.

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  • LeslieB
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    Not sure if what she calls an allergy to sugar is really that... however, it makes sense that skin flare ups of every kind would happen after eating sugar because sugar causes inflammation in the body. Since skin is the largest organ of our body and we can see it, we notice those flare ups. Remember the days when people thought chocolate caused acne. Well, it's not really the chocolate, it's the sugar in the chocolate.

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