Christie Brinkley Swears By a $5 Drugstore Product You've Probably Never Heard Of Before

Photo Credits: Walter McBride / Contributor/ Getty Images

Christie Brinkley is an open book when it comes to beauty advice. She's shared her diet tips, fitness routines and beauty favorites over the years.

In a recent interview with E!, the supermodel reveals one super affordable (and not that commonly known!) recommendation that anyone can get their hands on. Andrea Eye Q’s Eye Makeup Remover Pads cost just $5 at your local drugstore and removes makeup while preventing fine lines.

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At an even lower cost, Brinkley shares her biggest beauty secret – gratitude.

"It makes me so happy to seek out beauty," she said. When she goes on her phone and finds beautiful things in the world, "I feel so happy to be alive, and I think that just projects… gratitude is my biggest beauty secret."

So there you have it, according to a super model, two ways you can make yourself even more beautiful are $5 makeup wipes and gratitude. It may be the cheapest beauty treatment we've ever heard.